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Introduction to Rooibos and its health benefits

Is Rooibos good for you? You bet it is, just keep reading to find out all the awesome health benefits that rooibos has.

Tea is probably one of the most popular beverages around the world. It is drunk anytime, anywhere, in various preparations, in any occasion, and in any mood. There are many kinds of tea: those that come from the tea plant itself, camella sinensis, are the white, green, and black teas, and those that come from other plant sources such as the red tea or rooibos tea, which comes from another plant source, named as asphalatos linearis.

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos, also known as the red bush tea or red tea has many health benefits. Read along and you will find out things about this drink that will surely amaze you.

Does Rooibos have caffeine?

Do all teas contain caffeine? Majority of them do. But did you know that rooibos does not contain caffeine? In fact, rooibos is a central nervous system relaxant. It helps improve disturbed sleeping pattern and prevents insomnia. Drinking a warm mug of rooibos at bedtime gives you a good night’s sleep. And because it has no caffeine,you can drinking rooibos during pregnancy without any worries of caffeine related issues . Plus, it does not give you unwanted palpitations and hyperactivity that, in large amounts, coffee and other caffeinated drinks can cause. This is a good thing as no one really enjoys heart palpitations!

Rooibos contains vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin C, Zinc, calcium, and phosphorous. Vitamin C and Zinc is responsible for a healthy immune system, which protects you against certain diseases. Calcium and phosphorous are needed to build strong bones and teeth. Also, rooibos has very low levels of tannins, chemical which block the absorption of iron. Therefore, your body can produce the iron needed in your body, preventing anemia caused by iron deficiency.

Is Rooibos healthY?

Does rooibos contain antioxidants ? Certainly it does! It has almost the same antioxidants found in green tea. It helps fight against free radicals and thus, it help slows aging and fight against cancer.

Rooibos is also proven to treat allergic reaction such as asthma, and skin irritations. It can even be applied topically. Just use a concentrated brew of rooibos or apply a used teabag to the affected skin areas. Drinking rooibos gives you clearer, smoother skin, the natural way!

Red is the color associated with love and bravery. Now, with its sweet distinct taste, calming effects and health benefits, you can now associate this color with health and beauty. If you are wondering how to say rooibos just take a look over there and you will find out it is not that hard to say rooibos the right way 🙂

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