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Green Tea weight loss

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If you have been looking for that one quick fix to lose a couple of pounds, then I am sad to say that this quick, weird tip to losing weight is probably not going to be found. However, there is hope as green tea has been shown to assist in weight loss, so it might not melt away pounds overnight but can probably help out when combined with other activities to help your body. Keep on reading, and you will find some info about dieters’ green tea.

Should you add green tea to your diet?

Trying to lose weight? For dieters, green tea is the one for you. It is good for you if you have tried the Mediterranean or South Beach diet. If you have coupled it with regular exercise, that would be better. But if you add green tea to this lifestyle, you achieve the best. So, as mentioned above, green tea most likely won’t melt any unwanted pounds off, but if used in conjunction with exercise and other diet modifications, you might be well on your way to that 6 pack.

white ceramic mug with green and white liquid
a good looking cup of green tea

Differences in green teas

One thing to keep in mind as well is that not all green tea is created the same. With higher-quality green tea, you will most likely receive a higher return with the health benefits. This is why it is recommended you get high-quality tea bags, and if possible, get loose green tea as with loose-leaf tea, you will have the ability to get a generally higher quality tea as the leaves have not been broken, you won’t get stems or dust, and it will allow a better taste to be infused into the warm water.

One of the mechanisms to lose weight is to increase our body’s metabolism. Certain chemicals, such as L-carnitine, are added to some health drinks to help speed up body metabolism. When our body’s metabolism increases, our bodily functions become faster, our body produces more heat, and more calories are burned. Green tea increases our body’s metabolism. Drinking green tea before or after aerobic exercises such as jogging or running can help burn that extra calorie in your body. One thing that can help your body really warm up with a bang is our gunpowder green tea ! This tea provides all the taste you are looking for in tea and a little extra heat from how it is prepared !

Are slimming teas a real thing?

Most slimming teas available in the market work by irritating your digestive system, making you defecate more. These may cause unwanted stomach problems and discomfort.On the other hand, some slimming teas flush out excess body fluids by making you go to the bathroom more. This same mechanism is present in green tea but is a bit more natural with green tea. Green tea acts as a natural diuretic. When you urinate, excess body fluid is excreted by your body. At the same time, toxins and fats in our bodies are flushed along with excess body fluids. Drinking green tea also helps alleviate the feeling of being bloated. If you are looking for different types, look over here at some of our best green tea as they will both help you speed up your metabolism and quench your thirst.

Ceremonial Tea Set on Wooden Surface
nice green tea setup

Tea and health studies

Studies show that green tea also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. While some drugs act to lower both the LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) and the HDL (high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol), green tea lowers the LDL levels and normalizes the HDL levels. 

This is good news for people at risk of cardiovascular disease. Green tea also lowers blood sugar levels. Drinking this beverage can help diabetic patients manage their blood sugar and prevents the complications of diabetes, such as blindness, kidney failure, and strokes.


Green tea helps you achieve the healthy lifestyle and body that you want, and you need. This drink does not only make you feel healthy on the outside but also from within. Take a look at a couple of our tastiest green teas and see if there are any that you could work into your fitness routine:

Health benefits of green tea

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Health Benefits of Green Tea | Why You Should Try Green Tea

Over centuries we have known how tea in all of its forms- black, green, or white teas has spectacularly paved the way to the healthier well-being of almost all people from different races, cultures, tongues, etc. A teacup, whether served hot or cold, is just perfect in any time of the day. Tea is a nice company to share good times from dusk till dawn.

To quote from a Victorian British Prime Minister:

 If you are cold, tea will warm you.  If you are too heated, it will cool you.  If you are depressed, it will cheer you.  If you are excited, it will calm you.  – Gladstone, 1865

Aside from the social benefits you can get from drinking tea, there are many other reasons you should consider drinking a cup of it every day.  If you just can’t choose which form of tea you should have that day, we highly recommend green tea.

Benefits of green tea for your body

If you’re new to drinking tea, you will definitely find the following details helpful: here is a list of the many benefits of green tea .

Okay, most people think that tea originated from China since it is the world’s number one exporter of tea even today. But actually, “Camellia Sinensis” or tea plants also grow in areas with tropical and subtropical climates such as South America, Europe, and South Africa. Three thousand years earlier, before China has introduced tea, it has been already used as herbal medicine in ancient civilization.

Teas vary depending on the length of the fermentation process they’ve been through. Antioxidant properties where tea is rich of is inversely proportional to the length of the fermentation process. That means longer fermentation equals lesser antioxidants, and shorter fermentation equals more antioxidants. However, caffeine content, it goes the opposite. The longer the fermentation process, the more caffeine you get, while the shorter the fermentation process, the lesser caffeine you get.

filled white bowl surrounded by snake plants
green tea looks amazing

To rank the three forms of tea according to each antioxidant properties, white tea gets the first place because of the shortest fermentation process, followed by green tea, and then black tea gets the least. However, black tea has even more antioxidants than coffee. Just so you know! Then, regarding caffeine content, you’ll just have to turn the upside down ranking: black tea being the highest and white tea the least.

Why then loose green tea ?  What are its health benefits?

Through the above information, we can definitely infer that green tea is the moderation of all of tea forms. Have you heard of the famous four-word prescription of most doctors: MODERATION IS THE KEY!!!

Health benefits of green tea include:

  •       weight loss;
  •       Better digestion;
  •       Reduced risk of depression and anxiety;
  •       Lower cancer risk;
  •       Stronger immune system;
  •       Less risk of Alzheimer’s;
  •       Lowered blood pressure;
  •       Good source of vitamins and nutrients such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.


If you want to get the most out of the benefits of green tea, you would be asked what particular time of the day will be best to drink green tea. Well, actually, it depends on what green tea benefit you’re after. Say, you can replace coffee with green tea in the morning to stimulate your senses or drink tea after meals to get a flattened stomach. You can enjoy a relaxing cup before bedtime to ease digestion and as an appetite suppressant to prevent you from craving over-midnight snacks. So at the end of all of this, the only conclusion is that there is never a bad time to have green tea. If you are looking for some great options for green tea I would suggest taking a look at our large list of green teas here: theteacupany.com/green-tea/

How to make amazing green tea, everytime.

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How to make green tea.

Green tea is a classic, and for many tea hobbyists was the introduction to their tea appreciation. I remember one of my first cups of tea was a nice cup of green tea at a Japanese restaurant when I was a young kid. Even then once I tasted the lightly colored drink I knew it was something that I liked.  It was not until years later when I was reintroduced to tea did I recall those early cups of tea and instantly pick up some nice green tea leaves to brew. To my surprise they didn’t taste how I remembered them, and I was stuck trying to figure out if it was just my memory which was mistaken or if it was just me making the mistakes. In the end it turned out that I had not really prepared the tea right, but once I got my method down I was pleasantly reminded of those great cups of green tea from my youth.

clear glass mug with green tea
amazing looking cup of green tea

Our steps for the perfect green tea

The first thing that I wasn’t paying attention to was the water temperature when making the tea. I had thought that all tea is the same and that is a big mistake when you are preparing different types of teas. With green tea you will want to have a lot cooler water temperature than when you are brewing up some black tea. With green tea you will want to have a temperature of around 80 degrees as this is the perfect temperature for these mellow leaves. It is not too hot or harsh and allows a nice gentle release of flavors while it steeps.

Step two for perfect green tea

The next thing that I wasn’t paying attention to was the amount of time that I was steeping the leaves in the hot water for.  This is another very important aspect of brewing the perfect cup because if you leave your leaves in the warm water for too long they will go from nicely flavoring the water to overpowering the water with a bitter taste. It is similar to cooking vegetables because there is a very fine line between perfectly cooked veggies and some that are cooked too long which will result in wilted, mushy, and poorly flavored veggies. I try to avoid those types of veggies so I am sure you get my point when I saw how important it is to keep an eye on how long you are letting your tea steep for.

For me I find that 2 minutes is usually where I like to keep my steep time at, as this allows the tea to lightly steep in the water and ensures there is no bitterness released. Some people brew the tea up until 3 minutes which results in a stronger cup of tea and generally still keeps the intended flavors coming out. If you are brewing green tea for longer than about 3 and a half minutes you might be approaching the bitter cup of tea territory.


So to conclude, nice warm water around 80 degrees and a steep time of between 2-3 minutes is generally what will make you a nice cup of green tea.  If you find yourself craving a new green tea take a look over here Green tea at the green teas we have and see if there are any you are interested in trying out.