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Small tea to go tins

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These small tins are great if you want to take a sample of tea to go. The perfect little carrying case ensures that you can always have full sized leaves as they will protected from the everyday hustle and bustle of your everyday life and don’t mind being thrown in your purse or carrying bag for a nice ride.

The clear top ensure you can see what tea you have, if you are carrying multiple tins, and also lets you see when you are running low. A definite accessory for any busy tea lovers that you may know.

These tins are 2.8″ across and .875″ high so you can get at least 10 grams or a couple tea cups worth of tea in, and as much as 25 grams depending on how dense your mix is.

Fancy floral print tall tea tin

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A nice tall tin that can hold your loose leaf tea with an air tight latch on the top. This tin has a nice floral print wrapped around it and has nice deep colors that will enrich any surrounding.

The tin is 6.5″ high, and 3.6″ wide which allows you to store around half a pound to a full pound of your favorite teas or mixes, depending on their density.

Brewt 2 Go

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This double walled plastic tea container allows you to take your brew on the go with you. Simply put your desired tea in, add the hot water and you are ready for the day.

The top of this double cup comes off and allows you to strain your brew from the leaves or berries to stop the steeping process. A must for those who love tisanes and fruit based mixes as it continues to steep the amazing flavors in until you are ready to drink the brew.

The double walled sides keep the heat in and off of your hands so you can enjoy your drink in comfort. A high quality product this plastic is 100% BPA free.

Brewt Tea Brewer

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This gravity fed teapot is probably one of the greatest new things to come along to tea, since the invention of the tea bag. Simply put your favorite tea in the Brewt, get your water up to the right temperature and then combine.

The crystal clear teapot allows you to watch your tea steep until you have decided it is time to separate the water from leaves.

Simply place the Brewt on your cup of choice and the quick release opens the to pour your perfect cup of tea. The Brewt is 100% BPA free and ensures an amazing cup of tea every time.

Hand held tea ball strainer

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A nice stainless steal tea ball for those looking to make tea in places that don’t work well with full size brewers. Perfect for those single cup brewing’s with a strong clasp to ensure a long time of usage.

No metal taste to take away from your teas flavor and nothing but high quality stainless steel for everyday use.

Double walled tea tumblers

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These stylish and sleep tea tumblers are a must for tea lovers of the go. Simply brew your tea and strain it into these fashionable matte white or black containers. It has a push to open and close button and a tight screw top lid, ensuring your day will be tea accident free. It is double-walled and will keep your beverage hot or cold a lot longer than your traditional to go containers.

This tea tumbler has a sturdy metal design so its sure to be able to take a good dropping or two without losing any of their capacity to keep your tea safe.

Fancy square tea tins

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This tea tin is a great product for anyone looking for a stylish way to keep a little tea close by. We always need loose leaf tea, at work places or meeting areas, but its impractical to take a tall tin or a big bag.

Blackboard screw top tea tin

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This tea container features a tight screw top, ensuring that all the air, wind, sleet, and hail cannot hurt your favorite tea blend. The medium tin has a perfectly-sized blackboard strip allowing you to name and re-name your blend every time.

At 3.4″ wide and 4.2″ tall this tea time can hold about half a pound of your favorite tea, depending on density.