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Tea of the month canada club

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If you have been looking to get into a great Christmas present for the winter seasons then don’t worry as we have you covered. Tea is one of the best Christmas presents you can give because so many people like it, and there is such a variety of tea that can be offered. Many times a company will come out with a special line of teas just for Christmas, and while we do have some for this time of the year, we tend to focus on our entire Christmas line up versus just bringing in some strangers for a short season.

Right now we are really gearing up with our tea of the month club in Canada which has been doing great for us and our customers. Every month we seem to be adding more and more happy people who love to get those little envelopes of joy month after month. 

The tea of the month club in Canada program has been such a success that we are looking at expanding the offering to other places, but are currently waiting on shipping and insurance information.

Tea of the month club

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The winter is now among us and the tea of the month club has been doing great. Recently we have surpassed previous records on the number of members in the club and it is growing every month. Great time are had by all and the tea of the month club in canada has been doing great.

If you are looking for a Christmas present of tea for someone try out our tea of the month setup and we can make any gift you want a reality for your loved ones.

Tea of the month club in Canada

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I know, from personal experience, that there are a so many tea of the month clubs all over the world but I often found as a Canadian that the prices just left me out in the cold. And I know that being in the cold is no fun which is why I moved from Saskatchewan out to BC. No offense to Saskatchewan, but the amount of time it takes to shovel a rainy driveway vs. a snowy driveway is just incredible ;)

Canadian Tea of the month Club

Well back to the point of this whole post is about and that is tea of the month canada that we are looking to launch. Before I started http://theteacupany.com/ I was always looking for tea, and tea of the month clubs, online but found that there were a couple issues. The biggest issue I always seemed to encounter was that the price of the tea clubs were too high for me at the time, or the shipping always pushed it too high for us up here in Canada. This was several years ago and since then there has been a huge increase in the amount of tea in Canada, as well as tea sellers up here but I found that the pricing was still a bit too high for me.

The way I look at it the tea of the month in canada should be something that you can add on to your tea exploration at home. It shouldn’t come at the expense of trying new teas at home or in the retail places online.

The second reason that I really wanted to start a tea of the month club is because it is awesome to get stuff in the mail. It is even better to get something in the mail that you don’t actually know exactly what it is in the mail, but knowing that it is awesome. It is a feeling just like christmas where you know that the box will have something nice and exciting, you just weren’t sure what it was. This is why I always wanted to join a tea of the month club.

So now that we know why I started a tea of the month club, let’s look while I started the tea of the month in canada right now. The reason that it is only confined to Canada right now is because we are just starting out, and with that new phase we are wanting to go slow and steady along the way. Once we get everything going nicely we can look at expanding it to a tea of the month club for the USA and all the other countries in the world.

Benefits of our Tea of the month club

If you are wondering about what our tea of the month club is going to look like, or why you should order it from us I will give you these 5reasons :)

1. We are offering two different options for the tea of the month club which are:

  •  The mystery bag
    – This tea of the month club is the most exciting out of all of the two options we have. The reason I say it is so exciting is because you never know what you are going to get. That is because you just tell us if you want black, green, herbal, or a mix of all of the blends. This way every month you really have no idea ( other than the club you chose) what is waiting for you in our package that we sent out! This is a great choice for the adventurer as the choice is unknown and might be a tea you would’ve never bought before.
  • The semi mystery bag
    – This is for the more in control tea of the month lovers. If you need to, because of extreme preferences or allergies, must avoid teas/herbal mixes then this is just for you. This tea of the month club allows you to pre choose your 12 teas, but you will never know what tea will be in the bag when you open your monthly package.

2. Our price is very good!

  • Our tea of the month club in canada is one (if not) the best priced tea of the month clubs we have been able to find. If you take a look at our pricing, $66 per half year, allows you to enjoy great tea shipped to you every month for $11. When I made this idea in my mind, I wanted to make something that I would purchase. It is not just about me, and it must seem like that, but the reality is that if I wasn’t taking advantage of tea of the month clubs due to price I would want to set my price at something that I thought was good. Hopefully this price is good enough for everyone else, and if not please let me know in the comments below!

3. Our tea is very good!

  • Since we have opened we have found that our response has been very good. With tea it will always be hit or miss as it is really up to personal tastes, but the vast majority of our teas have had great responses.

4. Our customer service is top notch.

  • Want to make a change to your order, need a suggestion, or maybe you just want to talk tea? Just send us an email and we will get back to you right away.

5. You can order the club for your friends.

  • That’s right, if you want to you can easily order your tea of the month club for a friend or family member. Just send us an email after you make the order and will be happy to ensure the people you care for get the amazing gift of a tea every month that you have signed them up.


Hopefully this post has outlined enough of why we are starting our tea of the month in canada, why it makes the perfect gift as well as why we hope you will sign up for the tea of the month club in canada from The TeaCupany.

Kombucha tea loose leaf

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They say trends come and go, but are always going to come back.  Tastes seem to circle around our lives and everything goes and comes out of fashion as quickly as they come in. Some things stay in fashion such as tea, sweatpants and flip flops while others quickly come and go like mc hammer pants, vanilla ice comb overs and really many things from the 80′s!

Not saying that anything is wrong with the 80′s but that is not what we are here to talk about today. Right now we are here to talk about one of the oldest spins on tea which is the  Kombucha tea type. According to Wikipedia,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha , Kombucha has been around since the Qin Dynasty ; which is 221-206 BCE in case anyone forgot. That is a pretty long time to say the least, and at that time it was known as “Godly Tsche  or just tea.

So we know this tea is old, but what else is it really? Well Kombucha tea is made when you let tea ferment with sugar and tea. Generally speaking the basis of Kombucha is black tea which has been fermented by a SCOBY.

What is a SCOBY you might ask, well don’t worry if you have no idea what the word is as it is actually an acronym for “symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast” IF you have never seen one before don’t worry as before I was introduced to the Kombucha tea making process I would’ve never imagined what I came face to face with during my initial introduction. It really looks like a flat jellyfish, or a doughy pancake.

So you have this pancake, often referred to as the mother, and you put tea with it. Now what? Well you wait, and you wait and you wait….

Depending on things such as the temperature in the environment, the caffeine in the tea, the amount of sugar used, as well as the type of sugar used will determine how long you have to wait for your tea to turn into Kombucha.

two mason jars filled with liquid on white surface
two jars of kombucha

Well this is just the intro to Kombucha, so if you are looking for a great place to get tea online then just take a look at our site and see if you can grab some nice teas to be your base for your Kombucha journey.

There are some guidelines as far as the teas to use, but we will cover that in the upcoming articles!

Chai Green Tea

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Looking for that Chai flavor with a twist on the traditional mix? Look no further as we have just added Chai Green Tea to our teas. This tea is amazing and the flavor notes will remind you of Chai but the soothing flavor of green creates a nice base for this tea. Blended with your traditional Chai inclusions this tea will be sure to be one of your favorites.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 2-5 minutes.

Ingredients:  cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom pods, cloves, natural spice flavors, green tea

Green Cherry

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Chinese green tea flavored with candied cherries. A perfect mixture of a sweet fruit and the light understated base that defines a smooth green tea. It is a cup of fruity, juicy summer flavor that is great hot or iced.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Green tea infused with natural cherry flavors and mixed with pieces of dried cherries and rose petals.

Green ChocoMint

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Chinese green tea combined with chocolate and mint. It is a delicious balance between the earthy green, cool mint, and subtle chocolate flavor.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Green tea mixed with cocoa nibs and peppermint, and infused with natural chocolate mint flavors.

Green Vanilla Delight

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A lighter take on our other vanilla flavored teas this green tea base provides a delicate area to display the true flavor of the vanilla bean. An amazing cup of tea to enjoy by itself without milk, sugar, or sweeteners this tea is a great tea to start your day with as the warmth of vanilla fills your nose.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Green tea infused with natural vanilla flavors.

Green Pomegranate

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If you have been craving pomegranate and been avoiding all the mess that usually comes with getting the delicious seeds out of the fruit then don’t worry, as there is an easier option. 

Try our pomegranate green tea and you will soon have your pomegranate cravings satisfied with this pairing of fruit and green tea. Add in raspberry pieces and you are set with this wonderful tea.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Green tea mixed with raspberry leaves and dried raspberris, and infused with natural pomegranate flavors.

How to reduce caffeine on your green tea

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Is Green Tea Decaffeinated

Teas which come from tea shrub or Camellia Sinensis plant definitely contain caffeine. Whether you prefer black tea, green tea or oolong tea they all have caffeine content only that they vary in concentration amounts. These concentrations amounts are determined by the length of fermentation process where the teas are submerged. This intricate process involves crushing of tea leaves, cutting them into smaller pieces, drying and exposing them through the harsh sun to let them naturally oxidize. Longer fermentation process means more caffeine and shorter fermentation process means less caffeine.

black ceramic teacup on white surface
loose leaf green tea

Among the three types of teas, black tea has the most caffeine content (50-60 mg of caffeine per cup) next is oolong tea (35-45 mg of caffeine per cup) and the least is green tea (25-30 mg of caffeine per cup) which is not fermented. Instead of letting it dry over the sun, it is processed through panning or roasting or steaming.  Regardless, whether a tea is fermented or not, the fact that it came from a true tea plant it always has caffeine. If you really don’t want caffeine on your tea, you should try herbal teas instead.

Caffeine free green tea, is it real?

There are available green teas which are already decaffeinated but there is no such thing as “caffeine-free green tea”. Don’t be fooled by false ads saying that. A true tea expert and importer Beth Johnston on her write-up about decaffeination processing of teas highlighted that the maximum amount of retained caffeine on any tea product labeled “decaffeinated” should only be 0.4%. If you see more caffeine on your “decaffeinated green tea” which is over that amount, you should definitely consider shifting for a new brand as your favorite tea brand might have not passed the standard guidelines set by the Tea Association Technical Committee (TATC) – the agency where FDA itself relies tea processing and expertise issues.

Some decaffeinated green teas are sold higher compared to its regular counterpart. So if you’re on a tight budget or just can’t find a decaf green tea in the nearest grocery stores in your area, there is a D-I-Y way to extract caffeine on your green tea.

Here are the super easy steps to reduce caffeine on your green tea (or any other teas):

1. Get your tea bag, put in your regular cup.

2. Pour hot (not boiling) water and allow to steep for a minute or longer.

3. Remove the liquid and start over again. You can now enjoy this less caffeinated tea.

Do you know that 60% of caffeine from your tea bags is extracted within a minute of brewing? So if you want to remove or reduce more caffeine on your tea, you may let it sit for longer time. It completely depends on you as long as the flavor is still in tact.


Allowing your green tea to steep longer gives you more flavor and aroma. It is also the safe way of drinking tea. Using rolling water on your tea and drinking it while still hot can damage your digestive tract. So by doing this process you just not reduce caffeine on your cup but also saves your mouth and stomach from getting burned. Savor every tea cup either regular or decaf!

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