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When you’re drinking for two, you need to watch out what you’re drinking. Drinking coffee and tea or other caffeinated beverages have been a part of our daily lives. We need caffeine to stay physically alert and mentally focused. Unfortunately, caffeine is a big no-no when a woman is pregnant. Consuming 200 mg of caffeine day has been associated with complications during pregnancy and should be avoided. Being pregnant is high time to lie low on your coffee and even on white, green and black teas. So what does that leave you to drink? Good news: Rooibos tea is here for you while you are pregnant as Rooibos and caffeine are not an issue you need to be worried with.

Unlike white, green or black tea, which comes from the same plant source, the tea plant (camella sinensis), Rooibos comes from another plant known as the ”red bush” or rooibos. Therefore, it does not have the same caffeine as in white, green or black tea. It has a relaxing effect on your mood and thus aids in disturbed sleeping pattern and insomnia. In fact, drinking a warm cup of rooibos right before bedtime can give you a good night’s sleep. So in general drinking rooibos during pregnancy is a good thing, while in moderation

brown rooibos in a tin
Rooibos in a tin

Rooibos benefits include positive things to do with our stomachs, including improving digestion, relieves nausea and vomiting, and prevents constipation. Constipation is common in pregnancy due to the increased weight caused by the growing baby. This could further lead to developing hemorrhoids which not only causes discomfort during pregnancy but also during labor and delivery.

Can you drink Rooibos when you are pregnant?

During pregnancy, the woman’s body produces more blood to supplement for both the baby and the mother. The body needs more iron, folate, and vitamin B12 for blood cell production. If the supply of these is not enough, then anemia might develop. Iron with folic supplements is usually prescribed by the doctor to prevent anemia and congenital defects. Tannins, chemicals which are found in teas, are responsible for its antioxidant properties. This same chemical is also responsible for the decrease in iron absorption by the body. Apparently, rooibos does not contain tannin and therefore, does not hinder the absorption of iron.

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Rooibos is also proven to treat allergic reactions: asthma, eczema, and skin irritations. It can be drank or applied topically to the affected areas. It improves the complexion and gives you smooth, healthy skin. So rooibos has many different things to help you all the while you enjoy its tasty flavor.

Rooibos does not only offer a myriad of benefits for the pregnant. It is good for everybody; it is even safe for children. Plus, it has a sweet mild taste that gives you the good vibes. Rooibos makes you feel good, inside and out, pregnant or not!

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