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Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, and sometimes it happens more than once for some women.  While some look at the process of pregnancy with a lot of fondness, others wish the whole thing would come and go as quickly as the years seem to run away after the baby is born.

One minute you are cradling them the next, they are off to college. During this special time, everyone wants to ensure that nothing but the best reaches their baby(s) to give them everything they need to grow to be a big and healthy baby.

Tea drinking changes when you become pregnant

When you start carrying around a baby, or two or three, you will need to modify your diet, which also has to do with what you are drinking in a liquid form. We have already written about drinking hibiscus during pregnancy, and it is a great article to read if you or someone you know has recently become pregnant.

lemon slices beside a rooibos brew
a healthy option instead of black tea

Rooibos and pregnancy

The other article we wrote about was rooibos and pregnancy as it is a favorite go-to drink to replace traditional teas. Generally speaking, once women know that they are pregnant, they try to reduce the amount of caffeine that they are taking in. There are a whole bunch of reasons, but one of the things to think about is the effect that one cup of coffee or traditional tea has on your body. Sometimes it gives extra energy, while sometimes, it makes us jittery. Caffeine interacts with everyone differently, but the one thing that should be kept in mind is that whatever you take in while pregnant, you share with your babies, and they are a lot smaller than you so the effects might be amplified.

clear glass jar with brown liquid

This is why many women will turn to rooibos during pregnancy because there is no caffeine in it, and there are actually a lot of benefits that come along with drinking this brew, which can be found here rooibos facts .

If you are looking to find out more information about drinking rooibos while you are pregnant, it is really good to read about all the facts over here as well:
drinking rooibos while you are pregnant


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