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Hibiscus Tea Pregnancy |Hibiscus Tea Benefits

hibiscus tea is a large genus of flowering plants, primarily grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is used for a wide range of medicinal and edible purposes. It can even help you lose weight, known for lowering blood pressure, decreasing spasms in the stomach intestines and uterus, and also kills bacteria and germs.

In food and beverages Hibiscus is also used as flavoring: used for jams, sauces, spices and soups. It is also best for treating loss of appetite, hearts and nerve diseases, colds, upper respiratory tract pain and swelling. Moreover, hibiscus is widely used to relieve stomach irritation, maintains level body fluids, alleviates disorders of blood circulation, used for the dissolving of phlegm, works as a gentle laxative, as a diuretic, to increase urine output, and fights bad cholesterol.

It is not generally recommended to have¬†hibiscus tea too much as too much of anything can be bad. So if you are wondering about your baby , and your health, please check with your doctor before you drink Hibiscus drinks ( or anything else that is of concern to you) We aren’t doctors and you should check with professionals before doing anything you are unsure of.