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Teas, caffeine, rooibos and the pregnant body are all things you will hear when you start to look into what teas you can and can’t have during your pregnancy. Herbal Teas in are ok to be drank and are the answer to one of the many questions, about drinking tea while you are pregnant

Tea is a type of drink that has lots of benefits to one’s body. This may not be a favorite drink for all people but is now trending not only in certain places but all over the world. Teas are well-known for its soothing and relaxing effect in our mind and body not to mention its natural anti-sickness properties which is another story. One of the main types of teas that helps with this is rooibos, and the reason is because rooibos and caffeine are not usually mentioned in the same sentence; as rooibos does not contain any caffeine at all.

clear drinking glass with yellow herbal tea

In most cases teas are good for our health, but, do you know that tea’s effects could also vary depending on its type and to whom it will be administered? Yes, teas are categorized in two types namely: the herbal teas and the non-herbal teas. The first type of tea is the one that is not, in most cases, dangerous in your health because it is found out to be caffeine free and has a lot of good effect when you are taking it while the second type of teas which is the non-herbal tea is the type which is not good for pregnant women for the reason that it contains substance that causes dehydration (if taken too much), rapid development of intolerance, muscle twitching and many other harmful effects when not taken in control.

Not all teas or hot drinks made from plants are allowed to be consumed during pregnancy period because not all of them will give the same good effects unlike to normal individuals. Some of them might play as a drug, liquor or such harmful substance which is not good for you and your developing child. In such cases, being wise in choosing what you are going to consume is highly necessary. To help you in this matter, let us review the reasons why you may choose to take herbal teas during pregnancy period:

1. Herbal teas are made from fresh or dried flowers, herbs, hips, spices, fruit, berries, leaves and roots from a variety of plants. (It is caffeine-free because it is not from the actual tea plant leaves.) So you are sure of a wholesome natural blend. Absolutely no artificial flavorings or additives or whatsoever that is harmful for your body.

Herbal teas are usually ok while pregnant, but double check before you have any with your DR

2. It is highly known to be a potent source of antioxidants, nutrients such as vitamin c and good for relaxing the body and protects you from heart diseases, cancer, dizziness, stroke, morning sickness and cold.

3. It also helps strengthen our body system particularly the nervous and immune system.

Again not all teas are approved by experts for pregnant and lactating women. If you are so into teas and got pregnant, there is no need for you to be sad though because a type of red tea called “Rooibos” from Southern Africa is approved by most health experts to be taken by pregnant women. It has a bunch of reasons why it is considered a healthy drink during pregnancy. You may also check rooibos health benefits from our site.