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Introduction to our Green Tea Talk

What is the best green tea? Well, I might be a bit biased when I say that loose green tea is the best ever!

You don’t have to ask where is it found or how to get it, because you can have it. Green tea is a proven healthy and delicious beverage. It has been noted that there is green tea weight loss that can happen just from drinking the awesome green beverage on a daily basis. And because we want the best for ourselves, we need to have the best. Read on to know how what is the best green tea.

What to look for in Green tea

Make sure it is fresh. Unlike black tea, green tea is less oxidized, which makes it more abundant in antioxidants and lesser in caffeine. For the same reason, green tea has a lesser shelf life compared to black tea. From the date of packaging, it is best to use unopened packages of green tea within 6 months. If opened, the shelf life reduces to 3 months.

Loose Leaf or Tea Bags for Green tea?

Loose leaves are usually higher in quality than those fine, powdery leaves used in teabags. However, most teas produced by teabags taste just as good. This will often leave you with amazing green tea if you start with the best ingredients to make your tea. Clean water, and great leaves are a must. Depending on the kind of leaves you are using, the kind of filter must also be considered. For bigger, loose leaves, a teapot with a metal filter is recommended. Filter paper usually produces lesser quality. For fine, chopped leaves, a paper filter is suggested.

What’s the best water temp for Green Tea?

Hot or boiling water? While using water that is not so hot produces a low quality brew, boiling water should not be used too. When boiling water is used, the resulting effect of the tea might be bitter and the health benefits might be lessened. Hot, previously boiled water is recommended. The brewing time should not exceed 5 minutes as it makes the tea bitter and harsh. 2-3 minutes brewing time is enough.

Flavored or Unflavored Green Tea?

Plain or flavored? Bottled green tea beverages are popular in the market nowadays. They are best served ice cold. While drinking plain green tea is good, flavored drinks might just be as good too. However, bottled preparations contain more sugar and thus have the potential to have high calorie content.


Green tea is perhaps nature’s best gift to us. It offers a multitude of benefits to our body and gives us a pleasant mood. In choosing the best drink for you, choose green tea. In choosing green tea, choose only the best and make sure to keep in mind that it is possible to have too much green tea so keep everything in moderation and life will be great! And if you want to check out some of the other benefits of green tea make sure you watch this video:

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