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Intro to Yerba Mate

For years, yerba mate has been drunk in South American countries due to its social significance of building bonds and strengthening friendships. It is also attributed to numerous health benefits such as its vitamin and mineral content, antioxidant property, and high caffeine content. This is why many people often ask is yerba mate good for you . It is marketed in many countries as a delicious, healthy beverage and energy booster. However, just like any effective medication, yerba mate also has its own fair share of side effects. If you are unsure what is yerba mate then just keep reading and find out for yourself

Yerba Mate and Caffeine

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It increases mental alertness, suppresses the appetite, increases metabolism, and has diuretic and mild laxative properties. Because of these properties, drinking yerba mate in large amounts can cause unwanted side effects. It can cause an stomach upset and frequent urination. Because it is an appetite suppressant and metabolic properties, it can promote weight loss. People with thyroid problems, especially hyperthyroidism must particularly avoid drinking this beverage. Palpitations, anxiety, and nervousness can also occur. It also has the potential to increase blood pressure. People with hypertension and heart problems should see a doctor first before drinking this beverage.

Yerba Mate and children

Because children’s bodies are not yet fully developed, they are more sensitive to the effects of yerba mate. It is not recommended to be drunk by children and definitely should not be drunk by pregnant women. It can cause possible miscarriage and bleeding during pregnancy.

It is believed that yerba mate has antioxidant properties that can help fight cancer. This is a fact supported by studies that yerba mate contains polyphenols, chemicals unique to plants. However, recent studies show that regular drinking of yerba mate put drinkers at risk for certain cancers, especially mouth and esophageal cancers.

Possible drawbacks of too much Yerba

Bladder, kidney and lung cancers have also been attributed to yerba mate. This finding is supported by the fact that yerba mate contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, (PAHs), chemicals which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

All good things can never be good when you have too much of it. This also goes true with yerba mate. Although it has desired effects to our body, it also has side effects that can cause potential harm so enjoy this drink in moderation. But again we are not doctors, and many of these issues are what we have found online, not what we have experienced

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