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What is Yerba Mate?

If you are looking to catch the next buzz… (sorry caffeine/tea/terrible joke :) ) then don’t worry as we have you covered. If you are wondering what this Yerba Mate is that you keep hearing of then just keep on reading as you will get all the info you need to find out what is yerba mate

If you are looking for amazing, then yerba mate is your cup of tea. The history of this one of a kind beverage has been significant to South America, and today, is doing benefits to people worldwide.

Where is Yerba Mate from?

Yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis) is commonly grown in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Brazil and Argentina has the largest plantations. It is not popularly grown in South Africa but it is gaining popularity among the European and Asian countries. It is a shrub that grows up to 15 feet and its leaves are green in color.

How is Yerba Mate processed?

The leaves of the plant are dried and grounded to make the tea. The stem can also be used for stronger flavor. Firewood is used to dry the leaves, usually pine or eucalyptus wood. Traditionally, the leaves are placed in a decorative container, a gourd, where hot water is added to make a concoction. Boiling water is not recommended as it alters its natural taste. A metal straw called a bombilla, is used in drinking the tea. This straw has a closed rounded tip with tiny holes that filter the leaves as we drink. If you like to drink your Yerba Mate without any additional flavors take a look at this one:

green yerba mate

One of our favorite is Mango Mate, as it just tastes great.

There are various ways of drinking yerba mate. Sugar and honey can be added for a sweeter blend. It can also be drunk ice-cold. Yerba mate teabags, bottled and canned preparations that are mixed with milk and fruit juices are now sold in the market. If you are thinking about making a nice iced yerba drink I would really recommend taking a look at one of the fruit flavored mixes we have like:

What are some benefits of Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate is a known stimulant. It enhances mental focus and clarity. It boosts energy levels and suppresses appetite. It acts as a natural diuretic and aids in digestion. It enhances metabolism, thus, aids in weight control. It lowers cholesterol levels and promotes cardiac function. It has 90% more antioxidants than green tea and contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals. So really no matter how you look at it, there are really very few bad things you can even say about Yerba Mate.

With its unique kind and remarkable benefits, yerba mate is surely amazing. For healthy living, make yerba mate your mate!