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Green tea is healthy for everyone from young children to the older generations and has proved to be one of the best drinks men have ever discovered, and that’s a fact. To rank second from water, tea has provided hundreds and hundreds of reasons why you should consider sipping a cup or two days and it has no side effects! For all seasons and occasions, green tea has proved to work wonders not just on your body but as well as your social relationships with others.

Now, you might probably wonder how you can enjoy your cup of green tea the most any season or time of the day you want or need it. Here are two perfect recipes for green tea with a twist of lemon!

Mason Jar With iced tea
Nice iced tea mix

Warm Green Tea Lemon recipe

This recipe is perfect in the morning, before or after meals, during strict days of the diet, or before going to bed. You will need:

1. Green tea (better if you can get loose-leaf green tea as they offer a richer aroma and flavor and also they release less caffeine compared to using tea bags);

2. Two cups of warm water or 180 ml (take note that you need warm not rolling or boiling water! Warm water around 70-80 degrees Celsius that’s a little shorter time before your water pours out of your kettle!)

3. Half a slice of fresh lemon cut into two.

4. A strainer/ infuser/ tea ball; and

5. Your favorite tea set

What to do: Put your green tea inside the infuser. Place it in a teapot and pour two cups of warm water. Let it steep for one minute. Squeeze the lemon and let it sit for another minute. Serve and enjoy!

How to make an amazing lemon iced team at home.

Iced Green Tea Lemon

This is just the cold counterpart of the recipe above. This refreshing drink is so perfect after exercise, after meals, during late afternoon snacks, during a hot sunny day or all throughout summertime! It will help your body stay hydrated and cool even if you stay outdoors!

You will need:

1. Pitcher (enough to hold one liter of water);

2. 15g of loose-leaf tea or two tea bags;

3. 1 liter of warm water;

4. Half a slice of fresh lemon cut into two;

5. Ice cubes;

6. A strainer/ infuser/ tea ball; and

7. An infuser/ tea ball / strainer

What to do: In a pitcher, put your infuser containing your loose green tea leaves or in case you are using tea bags you can directly put it inside the pitcher. Pour 1 liter of warm water and let the tea steep for a minute. Squeeze the lemon and again let the mixture sit until water acquires a room temperature (best if you throw along the mixture the lemon pulp and let it also steep with the tea). Put it in a fridge and serve chilled. You may add honey or other sweeteners if you like.

Health experts approve 2-3 cups of green tea a day but that excludes people under medication or those who need special health attention. Daily doses of green tea warm or cold help in weight loss and detoxifies your body naturally as it replenishes your cells from within.