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Is Tea Better Than Coffee?

Tea and coffee are both well known as the favorite drinks of people today. One can savor the delicious taste and aroma of these drinks everywhere in various forms. They can be consumed anytime and can be served hot and cold. However, they are derived from different plants, have very different tastes and processing. When thinking about tea vs coffee, we will have to look at the many different ( and very subjective ) ways that we can look at how or why one drink is better than the other?

I might be a little biased whey I say that tea is better than coffee so let me share a couple reasons why I really think so here;

A better value

Coffee and tea differ in price but this depends on the source. However, many teas like, green, white, black, oolongs, and pu’ers are re-steeped several times with the use of the same leaves, thus, costing much lesser per cup than coffee. The used leaves of teas can be also applied as fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, and other crops. Although coffee can be used in a similar function with reusibility I find that used tea leaves, or tisanes, offer a lot nicer of a smell than coffee grounds. Economically as well, I have experienced really tasty lower quality teas ( at a lot cheaper price) than the terrible coffee I have had on the lower end of the pricing. For example, a cheap teabag around 5 cents will taste better than the terrible 99 cent coffees you can get at some gas stations around. Overall I find that tea is cheap once you get your cup, teapot and strainer all setup. Then the cost of continuing to enjoy tea drops a lot lower when compared to coffee.

The preparation of tea is simple

In coffee, to get the best flavor, the beans are ground before brewing and it uses a coffee machine with a single use filter. For tea, the leaves do not require preparation, filters or perhaps costly gizmos to extract the best flavor. You can easily drop the individual tea bag in hot drinking water, strain, and then pour. Although you can argue that making perfect tea is actually pretty intense as far as water preparation and temperature the same thing applies to coffees as well. It really comes down to the reality that if all things are equal with water quality and water temperature, you only need a cup to make perfect tea. With coffee you need a grinder, strainer or a lot of other things. Tea leaves can be removed a lot easier I have found versus ground coffee.

Eco friendly

The coffee filters are used only once then thrown away. However, this is not applicable for tea. Tea companies are engaged with Eco friendly processes, fair trade and organic projects. The baking process of tea emits gasses but in lesser degrees compared to processing of coffee. This is because tea processing uses the length of time and lower temperatures. Finally, the tea is heavier compared than coffee does require lesser fossil fuel based on cup to export and ship to other parts of the world.

A good natural pain reliever

Tea usually used as pain reliever when you are sick and in pain. For instance, if you have stomach cramps, your mom usually gets a tea and let you drink. This is how effective and wonderful this delicious beverage is. Don’t go for a cup of coffee if you have stuffed nose and stomach cramps since this can worsen the condition.

At the end of the day whether you like tea better or coffee better it will be pretty hard to sway you as most times people are on either team coffee or team tea. However, if you are one of those rare people that are in between then there are a couple of things that might sway your decision to fully join Team Tea!

The first thing that you will want to look at is the quality of your tea, as this is a huge thing that is often overlooked. For the longest time I knew I liked tea, but only had tea bags. Even the higher end tea bags I have found don’t compare to loose leaf tea when you really get down to it. For years I thought that good tea is good tea, but the real magic actually happens outside of the bag.

The biggest thing that you are missing out on when you are in the bag is the ability to have more water flowing through, and in turn really opening up the tea leaves to allow the water to flow around them.  If you are in this boat take a look over at How to brew tea infographic for more information as to get the best out of your brew.

black ceramic mug
a nice cup of tea getting ready to be brewed

Once again, if you are looking how to brew black tea correctly just take a look over at that post for all the info you need to cross over to the tea Team :)