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There are always going to be debates about which is better and the truth is that there is no better or worse when it comes to tea as the only one who makes that decision is the person drinking the tea. Tea is subjective and should be something that is always enjoyed.

If you are not enjoying your tea then you might not be making it right, which you can easily fix by reading over these little snippets:
how to make black tea
how to brew loose leaf tea

So other than that the usual questions come up such as the health benefits of green tea and other things and when I think about this it is something that always somewhat makes me question the thought process of these statements. I am not saying that it is weird to think about the health benefits of green tea or any of the other teas, but when it really comes down to it I like to drink beverages that taste good, and if there are health benefits then I think that is a bonus. Other than cough medicine or things like that there are not many things that I will take into my body that taste bad just because they might help.

close-up photography of filled clear glass kettle
a nice pot of tea brewing

With drinking tea you can enjoy the drink, and choose a brew that you do really like, and if there are health benefits then take it as a bonus. But don’t drink a certain brew just because you think it might be better for your health than other types of tea, drink it as a bonus. Don’t take this as a recommendation to drink something because it tastes good and ignore all other health aspects like with cola or other sugary drinks. I am simply saying that it is best to not overthink the things that we should be enjoying.

At the end of the day every cup of tea should be enjoyed, and if you find yourself drinking tea with the act becoming more like a chore maybe it is time to switch it up. We have many different fruit teas that can add some new flavors to your mixes, even if they aren’t green or black teas. With the number of tisanes available online today there is no reason why you should be bored of the traditional teas as there are so many choices that you can take advantage of.

If you ever want some of our personal recommendations just send us an email and we would be happy to help try to match you up with a new brew to get that smile back on your face when it comes to tea time!