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|Introduction Loose leaf teas |

Most people enjoy their tea by grabbing a tea bag from the box every tea time, but in other countries, tea is enjoyed when steeped from loose leaves. Tea lovers having tea bags are missing out the taste and real benefits when brewing in this type of method.

loose green tea just to be true is more of higher quality than tea bags.

brown wooden round ornament on black wooden table
getting ready to brew your tea bags

Loose-leaf teas tend to have more of essential oils in place, whereas tea bags have fragments and dust of the leaves during the processing and picking then are placed in tea bags, these lack the essential oils, not like the loose leaves tea. Bagged teas are of much lower quality than loose leaves, when the leaves are torn up, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. Catechins are higher in loose-leaf teas than in tea bags. Loose-leaf teas are more flavorful than teas from tea bags because the essential oil and flavor is still intact with the leaves. Loose-leaf teas are lower in expense than those which are in tea bags.

What’s the right way to brew loose-leaf teas?

First, put the require amount of loose-leaf tea in the infuser or into the pot directly. You may rinse the pot first with warm water before you put the loose tea leaves. Boil water, then pour to the pot, steeping time depends on what type of tea you will use. For white tea bring water to boil then let it steep for 5 minutes. For herbal, green, and black tea that is loose, water should be up to the boiling point then pour onto the tea. Steeping is also dependent on what tea types are to be used. White teas are to be steeped 4-5 minutes, herbal teas 10 minutes, green teas 2-3 minutes and black teas are 3-4 minutes though others like to steep their tea longer.

black ceramic mug with loose leaf tea
beautiful looking loose leaf tea and a cup

(Some tea like green tea may taste bitter if left to steep for a longer period of time.) When steeping is done strain the leaves pressing it against the cloth or strainer to extract more flavor. You may now pour into your cup and add the desired flavoring such as sugar, lemon etc do not over-sweeten, though other teas do not require sweeteners such as white teas and sweetened rooibos.


Loose-leaf teas are much recommended than using tea bags it is much worth it especially when you have a high-quality loose-leaf tea just like what we have here, the taste is just so priceless! If you are looking to save some money on your next order of loose leaf tea online then just check out our prices and you will be happy you did!