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Intro to Cold brewed tea

Tea is the most aromatic beverage of all and consumed almost by everyone all around the world. It originated from China and was mainly used by the Chinese for medicinal purpose not only in physical but also spiritual as they say. Tea was introduced in the 16th century to the Portuguese merchants and priests. Tea also became popular in Britain during the 17th century until now, India and to many other parts of the world. Drinking tea has many benefits to our mind and body. Tea is commonly prepared and served hot but nowadays tea can not only be enjoyed when hot but it can also be enjoyed cold especially during a hot summer season which definitely refreshes, rejuvenates, revitalizes and relaxes your mind and your body.

What is cold pressed tea?

Today we will talk about cold pressed tea or also known as “cold brewed tea”. Tea is very versatile it can be served hot or cold and both just tastes awesome! The method of cold pressing or cold brewing is now known as iced tea which is quite very trendy not just to adults but also to teenagers. This method is a process of steeping tea leaves into a tea pot. Though it involves a much longer process than having tea with hot water but for others it’s worth the entire wait. Some people do this process for just about 5 minutes but some for hours to extract its richness and to come out with a much smoother and sweeter taste. This is because cold water extracts a different chemical balance from the tea than steeping in hot water.

Here is a great step by step tutorial video if videos help more than huge bodies of text :

How to cold brew tea

Benefits of cold brewing tea

There are lesser catechins and caffeine in iced tea which reduces the bitterness from the tea. As said by many, cold pressed tea is a new way to enjoy old favorites. This profile is an exciting way for tea lovers and food lovers to explore the unique taste of their favorite tea. Tea can not only be enjoyed hot you’ve also tried to put some ice once in a while and then paired with your favorite food. Cold brewed teas are safer than sun brewed and this is because sun brewed has the potential to grow dangerous bacteria. Cold press tea is very easy and relaxing to prepare. All you will need is your pitcher, bottle, kettle, or just even a jar, and a lid, water (cold or room temped). Get your container and add water, add the tea and top this with your lid, now you can put it in the fridge and the period of putting this depends on what kind of tea you will use. White teas, green teas, wiry fat oolongs are easier and less time to make than others, when cold enough, get your favorite glass serve this to your family and friends surely they will enjoy and be happy about it. Roobios is also another option that you might not have thought about cold pressing but is a great alternative to traditional teas as well.