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Introduction to Tisanes

If you are wondering what a Tisane is, or wonder why others get mad when you call Rooibos red tea, then just keep on reading :)

A Tisane is another term for herbal tea, a non-caffeinated beverage extracted from decoction or infusion of herbs, spices, or plants. This was derived from the Greek word ptisanē meaning crushed barley (a drink that is made from crushed pearl barley). Tisanes do not generally contain caffeine since it was not extracted from tea leaves. The components of tisanes are sometimes culinary herbs such as spearmint, sage, rosemary, and thyme. It can be served hot or cold since the effect is the still the same.

What are tisanes?

There are various type of tisanes: leaf tisanes, flower tisanes, bark tisanes, root tisanes, fruit/berry tisanes, and seed/spice tisanes. These may also serve as a medical benefit. Many are known to achieve goals such as to invigorate, calm nerves, relieve s head cold or sore throat, to treat cough, relax an upset stomach, and ease headache. With proper usage of tisanes, one can achieve its rightful effect however some substances contained in tisanes are subject to cause undesirable side effects so it is always good to ensure you know what you are brewing up. You should not just go and place random plants in hot water and drink it.

Full rundown of what a Tisane is

What are common Tisanes/ Herbal teas?

Common herbs used to create tisanes are: anise tea (made from seeds or leaves), asiatic penny-wort leaf (found in Southeast Asia), artichoke tea, bee balm, boldo, burdock, cannabis tea, caraway tea, catnip tea, chamomile tea (used as sedative), Che Dang (made from llex causue leaves), Chinese knot weed tea, chrysanthemum tea (dried fllowers), cinnamon, and mint.

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