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If you are wondering How much Caffeine is there really in Black Tea? don’t worry as you will have all the info you need about black tea and caffeine right here.

Black Tea and caffeine

Black tea is similar to the other true versions of tea however one of the biggest variable is the amount of caffeine content. Although black tea might have a lot more caffeine than other versions of tea it has less caffeine when compared to coffee. The average amount of caffeine found in a cup of black tea is around 15mg up to 70mg in an 8 ounce cup.

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Black tea

If you are asking is there caffeine in black tea , then you will know that the answer is yes and have now found out around how much caffeine is in each cup of tea. Although you know how much caffeine is in a general cup of tea there are always several factors to consider in order to find the level content of caffeine a tea has. Tea being extracted from a large and mature leaves, has at least lower caffeine. The tea that came from tips or perhaps leaf buds has higher content of caffeine.

Be mindful that the longer you steep the tea, the more caffeine it produce. Tea made of many pieces of a broken leaf is very easy to infuse and could result to a more caffeine, as opposed to full leaf teas that take time to expand. This is only going to be the case if the steeping time is the same as a bunch of small pieces of tea will have a greater surface area, which will in turn caffeinate more water if all the other variables are the same. If you want that your tea has lesser caffeine content, do not steep it for a long time.

Black tea benefits

Black tea is beneficial to the body. Actually, the ingredients found in black tea make this very useful for many different things. Caffeine is one of the ingredients that can help energize and stimulates the body. The black tea caffeine traits were noticed way back in 1827. It is important to note that too much consumption of caffeine is unhealthy and might lead to some nasty side effects. There are side effects associated with too much caffeine intake like headaches, frequent urination, insomnia, and a lot more.

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With all the reasons above, people today are curious about the truth regarding black tea. Most are asking if black tea has caffeine, and due to the above mentioned side effects wonder how much black tea they can have before they have too much caffeine in their systems. It is important to bear in mind that the caffeine present in black tea is generally at a lot lower of a level when compared to similar amounts of coffee. So, with this reason, stay away from the caffeine present in coffee. The safer option is black tea. This is because black tea only contains 40 to 45mg of caffeine per 8z whereas; black coffee contains 65 to 120mg per 8oz.  But make sure also that you don’t exceed more than 3 cups of black tea per day. Excessive caffeine intake is not beneficial and like the above mentioned issues that can be caused won’t lead to a great time. Overall there are a lot of black tea benefits to be had, but like everything in life moderation is key.

If you are finding that you need a lot more tea than you can safely consume then you might want to look at either green tea, white tea, or even herbal teas. This is because you can drink a lot more of them without worrying about those nasty side effects due to their lower (and sometimes non-existent) levels of caffeine.