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Introduction to the tea diet

Alright alright, I guess that the title of this blog is a bit misleading. Or maybe it is leading you to think that I am a bit crazy about this tea stuff and would say anything to get you to enjoy a cup of tea.

The reality is that if you include tea into your life in the right ways it can help you to lose weight. You can look at this post about green tea diet and you will have a bit more info on the previous talk about adding the drink to your diet.

The truth about the tea diet

However, for this post I will talk pretty much about one way you can lose a lot of your weight by including tea in your life. When I am thirsty I find that a cold soda is the first thing that I reach, or crave. Now the thing is that I am not sure if I like it because:

  • It is cold
  • It is close to me
  • It is always the same tase
  • It is easy to just open
  • It is sweet.

But If we look at those different points it is pretty easy to see that with maybe 5 minutes of work tea can be the answer to all of those questions!

1. Is it cold? Yes tea can be iced and served cold. Just check out how to make iced tea from loose leaf tea or this recipe for amazing loose tea iced tea if you are really stuck.

2. Well tea can be anywhere that soda is. If you keep your sodas in the fridge just reuse a glass bottle and put some tea in there. If you keep it at your desk you can do the same. The only possible issue I could see is that if you keep say a 12 pack in your room/office/house for that once every couple of months treat then tea might not be exactly the same.

3. If you make your tea enough it will not only have the same taste every time, but you should be able to improve or modify the taste depending on how you feel! I don’t think you can make soda less sweater, or stronger, but you can with tea!

4. This goes back to the tea storage, just get a nice glass bottle or brewt to go and you can easily store and take your tea around with you. The Brewt to go is one of my favorite tea accessories which is why I happily stock it now!

5. The final choice is actually one of the biggest differences between tea two drinks, with the favor going to tea on this one. Sure you can get Mexican soft drinks with more cane sugar, or diet drinks with aspartame. But with tea you can actually choose what you sweeten your drink with! Agave, brown sugar, white sugar, dextrose, artificial sweetener really the choice is yours!


Hopefully these points have helped to show you that you can really enjoy tea instead of sodas. If you were to swap out 1 cup of tea for 1 355ml cola you would save around 150 calories. Do that once a week and that is 600 calories a month, over a year that is 7200 calories… or roughly the same amount as 3 days of your average eating intake on a 2200 calorie diet. Think about that, you are actually drinking 3 days worth of food with just 1 can of pop a week, imagine you increase that to 2 pops a week or 1 a day!!!!