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Say hello to vanilla rooibos chai tea , an herbal plant taken from the mountains of South Africa that brings numerous health goodies with sweet aroma of Indian spices in discrete flavors of cinnamon, cardamom and clove. India combined their strong spices and milk into the famous drink known as chai. Taste the satisfying flavor of this caffeine-free rooibos chai, a best replacement for black tea.

vanilla rooibos chai tea has somewhat a down-to-earth aroma and a slightly bit nutty flavor from its combined ingredients. This blend of Rooibos and spices gives warmth to one’s body. Rooibos Chai is pretty extreme for it has a cinnamon which brings Rooibos Chai a spicy flavor. Cinnamon can help you in loosing weight, lessen blood clogging, constructs your immune system, ease arthritic pain, it has a powerful antimicrobial spice, it helps you nourish your circulatory and endocrine system, it supports normal blood glucose level in your blood and a research study done in United States says that cinnamon can reduce proliferation. They also found out that just by smelling cinnamon can enhance your memory.

A DIY Rooibos Chai recipe

Rooibos Chai is rich in health benefits for it can ease severe stomach cramps, it can also ease asthmatic conditions and the likes. You can enjoy drinking this beverage without worrying for any possible side effects. Rooibos Chai’s medicinal attribute named all its health benefits aside from it is capable in reducing the risks of your body from cancer, heart disease and premature aging.

There are a lot of things that you should know about the drinks you are in love to. Knowing their health benefits is the most important one and knowing its history is just a part of enjoying this kind of beverages. So, what does the word “Chai” mean? Chai is an Indian word for tea. Usually, it is served as Chai latte with sweetener or creamer in West countries but in India, Chai is a popular drink combination of their traditional milk and spices. Unlike other typical tea, chai tends to be stronger and valiant because it is improved by its spices. And since it has no caffeine content, it is really a good natural alternative for coffee.

Thus, many people prefer to drink chai than coffee. rooibos tea or other commercial chai is offered in concentrate, powder mix or in mass leaf tea form. If you ask on what is the best preparation fo chai, it depends on the preference of the drinker. Concentrated chai is brewed under pressure so they are often taste a little bit stronger or spicier. However, buying dry mixes of chai are more convenient. Bulk tea must be prepared so it consumes a lot of time but many are still in favor on this.

Rooibos Chai can take pleasure in either hot or cold servings. Lots of industry analysts are calculating that chai will become as trendy and common as coffee latte and cappuccinos. The recognition of chai around the world is spreading quickly and has taken on some changes thereof.

This is a unique drink to quench each tongue’s thirst. Taste and see it is good