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Got some ice? How about tea? Better yet, how about some ice tea? This drink is a very popular drink that is enjoyed worldwide. We take a look at the way to get your best iced tea ever. First you start with the loose leaf tea of your choice, some boiling water, and then some ice.

Whether you’re a Westerner and you come to Southeast Asian countries, you don’t have to worry. There will surely be an option for this drink on every menu in the restaurant, in a fast food chain, or in the grocery store.

The practice of drinking tea originated in China, where the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant were steeped in hot water making delicious, refreshing beverage. Back then, tea was used for its herbal remedy but as time passed and the tea trade has spread worldwide, cooled versions of the tea was served.

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The Swiss businessman Maks Sprengler saw the potential in bottled ready to drink iced tea, which resulted in Switzerland became the motherland of bottling this drink. Powdered mixes is very popular nowadays due to its convenience compared to brewing tea leaves. However, bottled and powdered mixes can contain more amounts of sugar and added flavorings masking the true flavor of the tea.

Black tea is the most commonly used tea base in ice tea. Green tea can also be used and in fact, is gaining attraction from health conscious consumers due to its detoxifying properties. White tea is rarely used but oolong tea are also common. Tisanes or herbal infusions made by other herbs and plants are also used in making ice teas. A good example is Rooibos, also known as red tea.

Ice tea can be made at home by brewing loose tea leaves or a tea bag in hot water and allowing it to cool in a refrigerator. It can also be poured in a glass full of ice after brewing. Sugar is added to sweeten the mix and in some cases corn syrup is added. Usually, especially in restaurants, a slice of lemon is placed on the rim of the glass or lemon slices are mixed with the drink.

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Anyway that you decide to make this drink you cannot really go wrong as the combination of tea and ice will surely cool you down on a hot summer day. One thing to also note, is that although it will not actually make iced tea, is that you can use herbal blends to create a tasty treat such as mint or hibiscus. You brew the drink the same way, steep it for a bit longer, and then pour it over ice and add a bit of sugar to it if you would like to sweeten it up. My personal favorite is using vanilla Rooibos and creating a smooth chilled Rooibos drink.

Whether you bought your favorite brewed beverage or you made it by yourself, there is no denying the goodness with every gulp. Good thing ice tea has been made ready and accessible to many. Now, we can have the refreshing taste of ice tea anytime anywhere.