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If you are looking for a replacement for your caffeine fix that usually comes with coffee, or simply looking for a new tea like option then you should really try our yerba mate. In recent years yerba has really exploded out of Brazil and starting showing up all over the world. As mentioned above yerba mate has a nice level of caffeine that is similar to what is found in coffee, and has a unique taste that is sure to surprise anyone who has not yet tried out this new flavor sensation. As with most new things there is a new way to prepare this mix, so just keep reading and you will find out the best way to make a great cup of yerba.

yerba spoon

With yerba you will typically want to use a little less than double the amount of black tea leaves you would use for whatever size servings you are making. This is because yerba does require a bit more product to really make a full flavored drink.

Once you have your amounts figured out you will then want to get the water nice and hot. 90 degrees is the perfect temperature to really let all the flavors or yerba come to life.  Too hot of water and you will experience a flavor that is generally not appreciated, and too cool of water will leave you without much flavor at all.

Now that you have your yerba measured out and your water the perfect temperature you just need to let the yerba enjoy its warm bath and let all those flavors infuse your water.  Again, due to the nature of yerba mate, you will want to let it really hang out in that nice hot tub of a cup and really open up. 3-4 minutes is generally the accepted time to let it hang out before removing the leaves. If you take the pieces of yerba out too early your cup might be lacking, and too long will overdevelop the flavor which will result in a less than amazing cup of yerba mate.

Yerba mate is a really unique cup to enjoy and if you haven’t tried it yet I would really suggest taking a look at the options we have listed here Yerba mate. If you are true coffee lover then I would really suggest trying out Roasted Mate as it is a roasted yerba mix and has a robust full flavor similar to what you find in a nice lighter cup of coffee.