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How to make a perfect glass of white tea.

If you are like me then there is a good chance that you have tasted a white tea when you are out and about and just had to buy the loose leaf, but when you get home the taste is nothing like what you remembered it.  Sometimes when getting tea I start with the small sample size to test the waters out so to speak and see how I like the tea, but after learning more and more about tea I quickly realized that I had been treating all tea alike. This is a big no no as tea is just like pasta, and the preparation of it requires you to look into the ingredients before cooking it.

loose leaf white tea

Brewing your White tea

White tea is like fresh pasta as it is generally the least processed teas which result in a lower time of cooking at a lower temperature than the other types of tea.  Generally I will prepare my white tea at around 80 degrees for around 2-3 minutes. Although this is a general guideline the steep time will vary between the different types of white teas, their inclusions (fruit and flowers), and your own personal tastes. I prefer my white tea on the lighter side so keep the steep time around 2 minutes, as it results in a nice clean crisp cup of white tea.

Other things to remember when brewing white tea

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind when making white tea is how you are preparing the tea leaves to be brewed. It is very important that you allow enough water movement around the tea leaves to fully allow them to uncurl and release their true flavors into the warm water around them. This is generally the thing that gives loose leaf teas an advantage over traditional tea bags, as you can use your own strainers that have ample space to let the water move the leaves around and expand, which will in turn give you a full and robust flavor of tea. In teabags you might notice that when you are done steeping your tea the leaves can sometimes look like they are clumped together and this is generally how they sit in your cup with the warm water around them. Because they are cramped in the small tea bags it doesn’t let the tea leaves expand and get in full contact with the water, which results in a less than perfect cup of tea.


White tea has really started to come into its own on the international stage as a top level high quality product and in turn has become a lot more popular. With this popularity you will find more and more places carrying white tea, which we do here White tea, so take a look around and see if there are any that strike your fancy. Follow the above listed instructions and hopefully you will find your own perfect cup of white tea.