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Just like most things in life, there are multiple ways to get a job done, and in this bit I will tell you what I think are Two Ways of Brewing Gunpowder Tea.

Gunpowder tea, also known as “Green Pearl,” is a non-fermented traditional tea which is black roasted and rolled green tea that looks like gunpowder mostly mistaken for real gunpowder, and has a smoky flavor depending on what type you’re using; it is mostly produced in the provinces of China. It is rolled for drying purposes to keep the flavoring and aroma and preserve the freshness.

Why Gunpowder tea is so good?

Very tasty, and good for relaxation; just imagine you being in a quiet place no one bothering being positive and having a nice cup of gunpowder tea. It’s very good for the health, helps in many ways such as fighting against cancer, controlling Diabetes, and gives glucose tolerance and more insulin sensibility. Imagine just by drinking tea you can be stress-free as it helps you be revitalized, rejuvenates your mind, gives you the energy you need, and many more. The best quality of this tea is golden yellow which will make you feel fresh and healthy. It has two ways of brewing, and these are:

1. The Chinese method – This method needs a traditional Chinese tea set. Gaiwan is the most important with a tea holder, the fair cup and tea cups, knowing that this is brewed in a traditional way. The traditional brewing method has been used for thousands of years now. But originally, this can be seen in china. The taste of gunpowder tea when using this method is optimum, though this is a longer and more complicated way. But having to taste this tea using the traditional way is matchless.

Steps to brewing Gunpowder tea

These are the steps to using the traditional method: You will need boiling water to warm up, and with this, you will clean your tea set. It is important to rinse the tea as well; you will require putting an amount of tea in the Gaiwan, then add hot water, stirring pour out the liquid into the cups to warm them. This is not for drinking it is only used to wake up the tea process. Once it is rinsed, again add hot water (the temperature for this should be about 90°C (194F) – 95°C (203F). Brew for about one minute; do not brew for a longer time, which will cause it to mar the taste. Pour tea into the cups. Enjoy your tea being pulled by its aroma and its ultimate taste.

The second way to brew Gunpowder tea

The Western method – This method is similar to the traditional Chinese method’s brewing method but more simple and easy you don’t need any traditional tea set, just a glass teapot and tea cups.

Using this method, the gunpowder tea will have a more mellow taste. 1-2 teaspoons of gunpowder tea into the teapot, pour about 90°C(194°F) water to brew the tea as in the Chinese traditional method you will also clean the cups with the first liquor; the first brewing is really used for rinsing and warming the cups.

You can adjust to the amount of tea you put depending on your taste you can add or lessen the amount. Though in the western method, the temperature is usually 90°C (194°F) but the ideal temperature for the first two brewing is 85°C(185°F) to 90°C(194°F). It’s better to clean and warm the tea cups first. For the first two brewing, brew for a minute, thus enhancing the taste and also the fragrance.


So there you have it, two very different ways of making gunpowder tea. It is important to remember that although there are two methods listed above, the best way is yours. Making tea is a journey, and you should make it however you like it best, so try out different methods and let me know what you think is your favorite way. In the meantime, I will share with you my personal favorite Gunpowder tea, which is Tangy gunpowder tea which you can see right here:

loose leaf gunpowder green tea
gunpowder tea

It is an amazing combination of green tea, smoked and hand-curled, and fruit pieces and flavors.