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People nowadays are becoming more and more health conscious. Many are really mindful for what kind of food should they take or choose in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Many are getting aware for the foods that they should include on their balance diet. There are a lot of foods (including beverages) that you can name to be included on your healthy diet. Let say, tea . Tea is just one of the healthy beverages that you can add on your list. People are choosing this kind of beverage to achieve numerous health benefits and not to mention the taste choices it can actually give. If you don’t know what is earl grey tea then just keep reading and by the end of the article you will understand all the aspects of this classic tea.

How to prepare the earl grey tea

You can have tea by simply boiling pure or mixed herbal plants and blended scent and aroma of different kind of sweeteners to add to the taste. Having herbal plants as your base, you can already have a healthy drink. You can have tea in many forms. It is a time-consuming effort if we list them all but I can give you one. And I can say that one tea is enough to set an example to prove that drinking at least a cup of tea is healthy and ideal for an individual’s dietary.

Why is it called Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey is named after the British Prime Minister of Britain who received a gift from an official in China. The rest of the story becomes rumors and somehow legendary for others. Earl Grey Tea is a kind of black tea that contains half per cent of caffeine that a usual cup of coffee has. This tea derived from West Country becomes prominent around the world because of the sour orange that made its taste a zesty one. The sour orange that I am talking about is what we call or others commonly know as Bergamot Orange, a green lemon-like citrus fruit that grows in Southern Italy and Southern France during winter season. It is not actually harvested for juice consumption but for medical purposes. Bergamot Orange is found to be a cure for some illness. The oil extracted from it also adds citrusy flavor to the Earl Grey Tea making it more admirable to drink.

What makes Earl Grey special?

Since the Bergamot oil is said to be used as a medicine, it brings our body a lot of benefits. Some people uses Bergamot oil in treating psoriasis by applying it directly on skin and others used it as “aromatherapy” to trim down nervousness during radiation treatment. In manufacturing products, Bergamot Orange is commonly used as citrus lotions, creams, soaps, perfumes and the likes. If you are looking for the creaminess in at the other way check out our Creamy earl grey as it has our classic earl grey flavor with the subtle hints of cream included!

closeup photo of green ceramic cup with tea
steeping a nice cup of tea

Combining black tea and bergamot oil is one of the healthier ways for people who are avoiding too much caffeine they get from coffee. Earl Grey tea has side effects when taken too much. However, if you are looking for a healthy tea cup, keep your eyes on the limit when taking a gulp of Earl Grey Tea. A healthy lifestyle still depends on how you manage yourself with the foods you choose to eat. If you are looking for a nice switch on the classic earl grey teas take a look at these two amazing versions :lavender earl grey tea and earl grey green

The lavender earl grey is truly a beautiful smelling and looking tea:

lavender with black tea
loose leaf earl grey tea