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Although tea comes from the same plant it is amazing how the processing can alter the different health benefits that each tea drinker can get. From white all the way to the black tea the difference in preparation and consumption can wildly modify the different benefits that your body can get.

Benefits of white tea

The first type of tea to look at is going to be white tea. The benefits of white tea are a bit more body based and many people view white tea somewhat like organic tea as it is unfermented and uncured. Organic generally refers to the pesticides or growth environment so I guess more or less it would be viewed as the lower processed tea, somewhat like brown bread vs white bread. Because of the lack of processing, it has been said that this tea can help prevent cancer as it reduces free radicals and has chemicals that help your body prevent cancer.

white ceramic cup on white and blue floral ceramic saucer
nice cup of black tea beside flowers

Benefits of Green Tea

The next type of tea to look at is Green tea, so if you want to know about the benefits of green tea then just keep on reading. It has been said that green tea can offer a lot of medical benefits, and it appears that this tea has become the media darling when reporting on the benefits of tea. This could be the reason why there are so many reviews and studies of the effects of green tea on the human body. Some of the reported benefits of green tea are reductions in the chances of cancer, reduction in fat, lowering of stress, and a lowering of neurological diseases.

Although there are a lot of reports about the positive results of drinking tea it is important that no matter what you read online you should always speak with your doctor about what you are ingesting. What is good for one person’s body might not be the best for other people’s bodies so listen to your medical contacts and trust what your body is telling you. If nothing less drinking tea should make you happy, and any healthy side effects are a bonus!