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Calories in Fruit Tea

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Calories in Fruit Tea – The real truth about it

Fruit tea is a favorite beverage of people young and old. Besides tasting great there have been a lot of discussions regarding the positive side effects of drinking tea and your health, however, there have been a lot of talks about the bad sides of tea as well. In most cases, this deals more with what is added to teas like the sugar, milk, cream, and flavorings that might be less than beneficial.

With Fruit Tea, many people ask about the calories or many of the possible bad things that come along with drinking tea mixes.  With the many benefits of fruit tea to everybody, there are still people wondering and asking about like; are there lots of calories in fruit tea, so just keep on reading and you will find out a lot about drinking fruit tea.

fruit tea on a countertop
hot or cold, fruit tea is amazing

Where do the calories come from in fruit tea?

When it comes to calories present in fruit tea itself, this is really not a problem.  Of course, there are minimal calories present in fruit tea but in all reality, the flavors are usually just passed from the pieces of fruit into the hot water so very very few calories are actually present in the drinks. Calories in fruit tea are only present when mixed with some other fruits like lychee, mango, strawberry, and many more. Fruit tea also contains milk, sugar, or perhaps honey.

How to avoid high-calorie teas

The calories in your mixed drinks depend upon the amount of milk, and other things, you have added to the mix. If you want fruit tea that has less calories but still has milk then it is best to opt for skimmed milk or perhaps zero-calorie milk. This would be a great choice to maintain a healthy and fit body. If you are worried about calories ballooning up in your fruit tea then it is not really advisable to add sugar in your fruit tea since this can be the source of a lot of calories.

Refined sugar, mainly white sugar, is not healthy as it is simple and as the name insinuates is refined. The best sweeteners are from natural sugar sources and extracted but not refined. Examples of this could be blue agave sweetener, honey, and even fruit juices

Is fruit tea fattening?

For health conscious people, are always asking questions like; is fruit tea fattening? Fruit tea is not really fattening and neither are most things in the world. It can be argued that nothing really makes fat, but rather extra calories are the blame for fat. Even if you eat fat, it really just comes down to the calories, especially the excess ones, that are then converted into fat. The best thing you can do to avoid adding weight is to try to monitor how many calories you take in as well as the ways that they come in.If you want to maintain your slim figure, refrain from adding sugar and milk to your fruit tea as this will cause an additional amount of calories that might just be the difference between staying slim, or gaining some weight.

Benefits of fruit tea

Fruit tea has lots of benefits, but some people confuse fruit tea with having some fruit tea and adding a lot of sugar, milk, or cream to the mix. This is not healthy anymore as mixed ingredients are not always needed when making fruit tea. So if you are worried about adding calories to your fruit tea, or want to know if fruit tea will make you gain weight, then the biggest thing to keep your eyes on are the additional ingredients you are adding to your cup of fruit tea.

teapot with fruit and tea in it
a beautiful looking fruit tea

Are there a lot of calories in fruit tea?

Fruit tea is the favorite beverage of people young and old. It has been thought that drinking fruit tea could help any kind of illness like depression, headache can lower cholesterol, and triglycerides can boost the immune system, and a lot more. Despite the many benefits of fruit tea to everybody, there are still people wondering and asking about like; are there lots of calories in fruit tea.

Actuallywhen it comes to calories present in fruit tea, this should not be a problem. Of course, there are calories present in fruit tea. This is because fruit tea is simply a kind of tea made with fruit juice and has added sugar to make it more delicious. Calories in fruit tea are only present when mixed with some other fruits like lychee, mango, strawberry, and many more. Fruit tea also contains milk, sugar, or perhaps honey.

How to lower the calories in your tea?

The calorie depends upon the amount of milk you added to it. If you want fruit tea that contains lesser calories, opt for skimmed milk or perhaps zero-calorie milk. This would be a great choice to maintain a healthy and fit body. In fact, it is not really advisable to add sugar to your fruit tea since this can be gained in real fruit juice. Refined sugar is not healthy and the best sweetener is from the natural sugar extracted from fresh fruits or perhaps you can use honey to make it a little sweeter. So, if you are monitoring your health, do not add sugar and milk to your fruit tea drink!

food, foodie, food styling
a nice looking cup of fruit tea

For health conscious people, are always asking questions like; is fruit tea fattening? Fruit tea is not really fattening. This can only make you fat due to the added sugar and milk in it. If you want to maintain your slim figure, refrain from adding sugar and milk to your fruit tea. The natural sugar extracted from fruits is the best. However, milk has also lots of nutrients but if you want, you can add low-cholesterol milk, nonfat milk, and skimmed milk.

Calories in Fruit Tea our conclusion

Fruit tea has lots of benefits, but some people are not aware that this is not healthy anymore when mixed with some other artificial flavorings. So before mixing tea with other fruits to make it a delicious fruit tea makes sure that the fruit has low cholesterol content and should be mixed with non fat milk.

The History Of Gunpowder Green tea

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The History of Gunpowder Tea

Gunpowder tea has been produced for over 800 years in China. Its name comes from the appearance of the tightly rolled leaves, which resemble gunpowder pellets. This tea was traditionally enjoyed by the Chinese imperial court and was also widely traded along the famous Silk Road trade route. Today, gunpowder tea is enjoyed by tea lovers all over the world and is produced in several different countries, including China, Taiwan, and Morocco.

Chai Masala

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Introduction to Chai tea

One tradition of the people in India is to serve their guests with tea or what they call “chai tea”. Indians refer to unexpected visitors as “emissaries of gods” so when visitors arrive, you have to serve them, especially chai. Chai is a well-known sweetened spice tea from India. It’s the perfect drink for Indians as well as people from tropical parts of the globe. This is because hot tea triggers the body’s cooling reflexes that help bring the body temperature down so they can still work well despite the intense climate.

white ceramic cup with chai tea
a nice looking cup of chai tea

Where does Chai come from?

Indians love to drink chai mostly twice a day just like British people, the latter has been known to have foisted teas in India, from China to Britain, then from Britain to India, and now the whole world, though in India about half the percent of people are drinking coffee.

In Bombay, chai tea is popular to be very strong and lots of street vendors serve and sell chai made with a strong flavor.

What is Chai tea made up of?

The standard is served half “cutting chai,” because it tends to be very powerful. If you are using whole spices, you should weigh out the right amount of the ingredients, and place in a spice grinder till comes to a consistency of fine powder, some people like to grind the spices individually but others grind them together and then stored in an airtight container and this mixture is called Masala. There are many ways to make chai, some start off by boiling all the ingredients in sequence, and others just stir the tea 3 times in a clockwise direction or circles, some may also just put all the ingredients and let the mixture to come to a boil.

How to brew Chai tea

When using loose-leaf tea, it is needed to be strained now once fully brewed. Pour ingredients in the saucepan (if available the spouted type of saucepan is the best choice to use because it will lessen the spilling of tea).  Turn on the stove to medium heat.  Allow simmering until bubbles (small) appear on the milk. Stir the chai continuously, while the milk is boiling scrape the bottom so there would not be any burnt mixture, filming as well, when the milk comes to boil, turn off the heat and stir.  Bring to a boil again, stir well.  Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes, and then it must be strained.

Household Chai customizations

Every household has different types of flavorings and preparation for chai, even in culinary cooking in India, every kitchen has special varieties to offer not on in tasty foods but also drinks and personalities. Chai Masala is very easy to prepare and you can choose what ingredient you would like to add or lessen depending on what you like best. So why not try and taste, you are encouraged to try and even experiment on your own to come up with the perfect spicy flavor you like the most. This is a wonderful treat that will soothe your palette’s craving for something extraordinaire.

Cheap Tea in Canada

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Looking for cheap tea in Canada? Don’t worry the teacupany has you covered and wants to clarify one thing, cheap tea does not equal bad tea. Perhaps it is better to say the best tea prices in Canada for the quality you are getting.  We pride ourselves on providing great tea for a great price, and the reality is that cheap tea does not make it low quality.

Expensive vs Cheap tea

You might be wondering what the real difference is between cheap tea and cheap-tasting tea. The best example I can give is a sale. If you go and get a bag of tea for $10 and it tastes good then you might be happy. Now imagine that bag of tea was on sale to $1, which makes the tea a great value as it is both a good product as well as a cheap price.

Is cheap tea low-quality tea?

We don’t sell low-quality tea, we sell tea at a great price, and the way we do this is by working directly with some of the biggest importers in the world, and in turn, get the best prices. We buy a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot of tea, and in turn get the lowest prices we can.

tea sachet
nice clean looking tea bag

As we are an online store we do not pay for overhead like a storefront and in turn, are able to offer low prices on great tea.
If you like to get the best prices on great tea in Canada then you came to the right place.  Many times people confuse price with quality and let us assure you that there is no compromise on quality when ordering from us. We drink this tea every day, and enjoy drinking it. We have had many, many people who have said the prices are so low that they were even worried about the tea but after their first order continued to order larger and larger quantities of tea.

Great tea at a great price

Getting tea at a price that won’t break the bank is not hard as long as you are dealing with people who understand that the price of tea should not keep people from enjoying the great drink of tea. We started this company so that you can order lots of samples and find what works best for your cup of tea without breaking the bank if you didn’t like one of the samples. This is why we created the small sample sizes of tea, you can get a taste of lots of different teas and find out what works for you and in turn order more of your favorites. If you are looking for the best tea prices in Canada then come take a look at all of our teas, send us an email if you have any questions, and just try it out. Enjoy your tea without breaking the bank. Another way to enjoy tea is by signing up for our tea of the month club in Canada. This is a great way to try out lots of different teas, with one of the lowest costs per month that we have found. Delivered to your door every month it takes the guesswork out of trying out new teas!

Gunpowder Tea: The Health Benefits and Side Effects You Need to Know

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Gunpowder tea, also known as Chinese Temple tea, is a type of green tea that has been rolled into tight pellets and dried. This unique processing method gives the tea its distinctive appearance and strong flavor. But aside from its taste, gunpowder tea is also known for its health benefits and potential side effects.

Keep on reading to find all the positive and possible not so positive aspects that you might encounter when drinking gunpowder green tea. We go through what some people have experienced to give you a heads up before you take the dive into this smoky green tea.

The Health Benefits of Gunpowder Tea

Studies have shown that gunpowder tea is packed with antioxidants, which help to protect the body from damaging free radicals. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to boost their overall health.

Possible weight loss

One of the key health benefits of gunpowder tea is its ability to help with weight loss. The antioxidants in the tea have been shown to help boost the metabolism, which in turn can help with weight loss. Additionally, the catechins in the tea have been shown to help reduce the absorption of fat in the body.

Improved brain function

Another benefit of gunpowder tea is its ability to improve brain function. The antioxidants in the tea have been shown to improve cognitive function and help protect the brain from damage. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to boost their memory and concentration.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Finally, gunpowder tea has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help to prevent a wide range of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

stack of loose leaf gunpowder green tea
stack of loose leaf gunpowder green tea

The Side Effects of Gunpowder Tea

Like any other type of tea, gunpowder tea can have potential side effects. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Upset stomach: Drinking too much gunpowder tea can cause an upset stomach, as well as other digestive issues such as diarrhea.
  • Insomnia: Gunpowder tea contains caffeine, which can cause insomnia if consumed in large amounts.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people may experience allergic reactions after drinking gunpowder tea, such as skin rashes, itching, and hives.
  • Interactions with medications: Gunpowder tea can interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners, and should be consumed with caution.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Gunpowder Tea

To get the most out of your gunpowder tea, it is important to brew it properly. Here is a simple guide to brewing the perfect cup:

  1. Fill a pot with fresh, cold water and bring it to a boil.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of gunpowder tea for every 8 oz of water.
  3. Let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes, or until it reaches the desired strength.
  4. Pour the tea into a cup and enjoy!


In conclusion, gunpowder tea is a delicious and healthy beverage that offers a wide range of health benefits. From its ability to help with weight loss and improve brain function, to its anti-inflammatory properties, there is no doubt that gunpowder tea is a great choice for those looking to improve their health. However, it is important to be aware of its potential side effects and to consume it in moderation.

Christmas Tea

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As the holiday season approaches many of the traditional tea tasters look for something to celebrate their festive season with, and this does not just apply to their food. As we recognize this we have started to stock our favorite new holiday season tea, which is just amazing! If you have ever bitten into a nice candy cane you know the refreshing mint flavor that comes bursting out of the candy, well let me tell you that this tea is no different.

It starts with a nice rich black tea that is full-bodied and can really stand up to the flavor of the traditional candy cane. You will quickly be reminded of your holiday-tress favorite candy dressing once you find the pieces of candy cane sprinkled through this mix.

The candy cane tea is sure to be one of our best sellers this season so I would really suggest taking a look at it as it is truly a unique and tasty treat for anyone to try out.

Early year-end review

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Well, it has been a year and a bit for the teacupany to start selling tea online, but it has gone by so quickly. Recently we started looking at adding new products to come in and they are really starting to get pretty cool, not to toot my own horn or anything. Hoping to get some pictures up this weekend of the new strainers this. I have always wanted to carry some unique products, which might not be unique to the world, but haven’t always been able to find exactly what I am looking for.

Well, no more need to look around as I have got I think 3 or 4 new strainers that are pretty cool. These tea strainers will add a bit of excitement to anyone’s day so take a look at our cool tea strainers shortly!

Gawker’s Recent Tea Article is Lukewarm

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Table of Contents

Tea is Big… thanks Gawker

Tea is Big, says Gawker, in an article filled with profound and truly insightful statements such as “People like tea for some reason.”

Before dropping that pearl of wisdom, the author Hamilton first implies that tea is the drink of hipsters and posers. He then quotes an actual journalist, then closes with the line “Tea is composed of atoms— just like you and me.” Right. Sounds as if Mr. Nolan has been smoking tea instead of drinking it.

Had the author actually taken more than five minutes to write his article, he might have actually learned something about tea.

Tea.. a fad lasting centuries

Tea is not a fad. Human beings have been drinking tea for upwards of three thousand years, starting in China in the tenth century BC. (For comparison, coffee is first recorded in about the 1400s).

If we are trending towards drinking more of it in North America, it is probably more due to the fact that we are catching up with the rest of the world and losing our coffee addiction. After water, tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet.

From China to England, and Bhutan to Egypt, tea spans the globe, and there are as many ways of drinking it as there are drinkers.

Tea also has far more variety, compared to something like coffee. Think of it like cats and dogs.

  • With cats and coffee, there’s some variety, but the general form is still the same.
  • With dogs and tea, there are a heck of a lot more shapes and sizes.

Compare a Chihuahua and a Great Dane – there’s even more difference between a Pu-Erh tea and a Lipton’s original. A tabby and a calico, not so much.

Benefits of tea

Consider too the amazing health benefits for tea drinkers. Depending on the kind of tea you like, a nice cuppa can provide:

  • Antioxidants for the prevention of cancer and improver cardiovascular health
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • A safe, mild stimulant
  • Reduced stroke risk
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol

Conclusion… thanks Gawker

Not only that but there’s no real drawback, says American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Katherine Tallmadge. “There doesn’t seem to be a downside to tea,” she says. “I think it’s a great alternative to coffee drinking. First, tea has less caffeine. It’s pretty well established that the compounds in tea – their flavonoids – are good for the heart and may reduce cancer.”

Tea is not a trend or a hip new drink of the in-crowd. The difference is that fads go away. Tea will not. It’s a global, thousand-year drink that will be a part of our homes forever.

Green Tea Good

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Introduction to why green teas good

Green tea is good and good for you. Almost everyone knows that, but if you don’t just take a read and see for yourself 🙂

I am sure we have all heard it by now, or at least in one version or another, that green tea is good or good for you or good something. Although all these statements are true there is generally not that much provided to back them up other than I think I heard somewhere that, or someone told me that green tea is good. If you want to keep reading you will find out why I think green tea is good as well as a link to a way to make a perfect cup of green tea every time and finally….. Our favorite green teas!

hills of green tea
Beautiful tea growing

Why is green tea great?

So you are wondering why green tea is good and good for you. The first thing is that green tea is good for you for a great number of reasons such as:

  1. It comes from the earth, so depending on what your definition is green tea is generally looked upon as natural.
  2. There is no sugar in green tea itself.
  3. It tastes great.
  4. It smells great.
  5. It can be used for other things besides just drinking.
  6. It provides a little boost of caffeine, but not as much as other types of teas.
  7. It blends well with other teas.
  8. It is relaxing.
  9. It can soothe the soul.
  10. It makes me smile

So there are some of my personal reasons why I think green tea is good, and as mentioned before just information provided without any direct medical links or substantial information to back them up 🙂  There are so many green tea health benefits that the list could go on for a really long time.

How to brew the perfect green tea

The next thing that I will want to point out to you is this article: as it will show you how to brew perfect green tea every time. Although everyone generally knows how to make tea, there are subtle things that are different between the different processed types of tea, and knowing these differences can make you change from someone who likes tea to someone who loves tea.

Make sure to take a look around to get the best green tea prices around as we are sure that our price is far too low for the quality of tea, but that is what we are here for!

Green Tea Leaves

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Introduction to our full Gren Tea leaves article

Famous loose green tea leaves have been well-known for many centuries now. But for a quick refresher, green tea leaves come from a plant known as Camellia Sinensis that originated in the provinces of China, first brewed 4,000 years ago during the reign of emperor Shennong. Green tea leaves have been used as a beverage and medicinal element for many years including in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are used to control bleeding and heal wounds, and regulate the body’s temperature, blood sugar, and digestion.

nice cup of tea
a nice-looking cup of tea

What is green tea famous for?

Green tea is famous for its positive effect on the five vital organs, especially the heart. Green tea also acts as a stimulant, helps quench thirst, prevents indigestion, and can cure beriberi disease, and blotchiness. This historic, brewed drink is also well-known for its help to improve brain function and the urinary process.

A great drink is known for numerous benefits such as being a rich source of powerful antioxidants, fighting against cancer cells, inhibiting the abnormal blood clot in arteries that will lead to heart disease, and many more. green tea weight loss is also a side effect of drinking lots of this amazing drink and is seen by the lowering of bad cholesterol in our body.

Benefits of Green Tea

To see the benefits of drinking green tea you should consume 2 cups a day or at least one. It’s better to drink green tea than to not have it at all to help you get the benefits of the powerful antioxidants that green tea leaves have.
How to brew Green tea leaves:

green powder and spoon on board
nice looking matcha set for green tea brewing

How to Brew Green Tea?

In brewing green tea leaves you need to warm your water and the temperature can either be around 81-87°C or 61- 69°C you may steep it for 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes though low-quality green tea leaves are brewed longer and in much higher temperature. amazing green tea is steeped in a much cooler liquid and a shorter time. When over steeped it can cause the tea to become a bitter, astringent-like brew regardless of the quality. The steeping technique is very important so that you won’t overcook the tea; the container to be used must be warmed before brewing the tea so the tea won’t cool down then drink immediately so the flavor won’t degrade.

Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green and these are teas from the provinces of china:
gunpowder green tea – looks like tiny pellets and opens up when brewed
Long Jing – leaves are flat and tend to have a jade-like color, it is also known as Dragonwell one of the most popular among teas

Pi Lo Chung – Tea that grows near the plum and apricot trees allowing it to pick up their fragrance, this is rolled to a snail-like appearance

Snowy Mountain Jian – Is slightly similar to black teas, and has longer leaves than other green teas

Hyson Lucky Dragon – a premium green tea that has a greenish-yellow color, and a more full-body taste than other green teas

Kai Hua Long Ding – very thick and short tea leaves

Xin Yang Mao Jian – very fine tea leaves, also known as green tip

Tian Mu Qing Ding – very fine and delicate tea leaves that produce a light and sweet taste

Hou Kui – also known as Monkey tea, this tea is known to absorb the flavor and fragrance of orchids in its surroundings

There are many types of green teas and can be flavored in many different ways as well so try your green tea and find what flavor you’ll like the best.

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