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Introduction to our Earl Grey top 10 list

You might probably wonder why Jean Luc Picard of the famous television series Star Trek is so fond of earl grey tea. He even made it a password to his laboratory – “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” as he says and the door easily opens! (Perhaps if Picard has a Facebook account he would probably hit the “Like” button of earl grey tea’s fan page in no time!) Could it be? That it tastes so out-of-this-world that even alien visitors of Picard can’t get enough of it?

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nice looking organic earl grey tea bags

Well so much with the Star Trek talk. Let’s come now aboard to know what this type of tea called earl grey is and why it is so healthy.

What is Earl Grey tea?

Just to give some overview, tea earl grey or Creamy earl grey is a term mostly used to pertain to a mixture of black tea and oil from the peel of the fragrant bergamot citrus fruit (Citrus bergamia). This fruit is native to Italy and is used since 1820 as an alternative to the flavors which Chinese merchants used to sell for an expensive price at their time. Bergamot citrus is a relative of lemons and though they are sometimes referred to as citrons doux to France which means “sweet lemons” they are not really lemons.

Oil from bergamot peel is very fragrant it is even an eminent ingredient in most perfumes. On the other hand, when it is combined with black tea it gives a blast of the zesty and fruity scent of citrus! It’s sweeter compared to lemons but the richness of the flavor is still intact. More to what you can imagine bergamot essential oil provides many health benefits from its seeds up to its very rind. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Top 10 Earl Grey Benefits

1. Soothes nerves and relieves nervous tension– It contains natural relaxant and sedative properties which promotes better sleep and blood pressure. It alleviates stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other related ailments.

2. Restrains growth of bacteria and viruses– it is a true antibiotic and disinfectant in nature which results in better protection against infection of the skin, colon, intestines, kidneys, and urinary tract.

3. Aids digestion– it promotes proper secretion of stomach acids and enzymes which helps better digestion. Also helps you avoid constipation and stomach strain.

4. Heals scars and ugly marks on the skin– it helps blot away imperfections on your skin which makes it a powerful ingredient among cosmetic products.

5. Promotes fast healing of wounds– it is a rich source of vitamin C which is renowned to promote the fast healing of wounds and other skin diseases. It also boosts the immune system which makes you less susceptible to various health conditions.

6. Promotes Respiratory health– it helps you to breathe normally by giving your muscles quick relief from cramps and contractions.

7. Kills worms in the intestines– it exterminates contracted worms a gentle and harmless way to your body and to children, promoting better health in and out.

8. Improves blood circulation– it gives a feeling of freshness and energy due to a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood as it improves your blood circulation.

9. Lessens pain sensitivity – it is a natural analgesic that reduces the sense of pain in the body and thus works best to alleviate headaches, stomachaches, muscle pains etc.

10. Reduces body temperature– helps reduce fever and keeps the body temperature cooler during hot summer days. It gives relief from the intense heat from within.


Now you might probably understand the reason why lavender earl grey tea is so healthy not to mention this being combined with black tea. It is indeed a password for better overall wellness! Hopefully, you have all the info to know what is earl grey tea and you can get back to enjoying this amazing drink!