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Looking to lose weight? Then green tea is just what you are looking for.

If you are trying to get that shape, you’ve always wanted and are finding that no matter what you are doing, you just aren’t getting there, then keep reading as you might be surprised how good green tea is for losing weight. Tired of all weight loss programs that simply do not work for you? Tried all the diets that can possibly help you out? Well, here is a tip for you: green tea diet. This is a no-nonsense tip. Read on, and I’ll explain to you why and how.

Can green tea burn calories?

Research suggests that drinking 5 cups of green tea daily (in an average adult) can burn up to 8o calories. Eighty calories a day will amount to 560 calories a week, which is equivalent to losing about 0.16 pounds a week. This weight might be small for your weekly goal, but no other beverage can help you lose weight a healthy and natural way. You might not think of this as a huge green tea benefit, but the reality is that this weight loss can add up, and over the course of a year you could actually get in shape by drinking amazing green tea!

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The secret to green tea’s weight loss action is its caffeine and polyphenol content. The polyphenol in green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), is also responsible for its antioxidant properties.

In every cup of green tea, there is about 50 mg of caffeine.  Caffeine is a slight appetite suppressant. This may explain why drinking coffee or tea keeps you alert throughout the morning without feeling hungry or even without a full breakfast. Burning those extra calories your body is storing can help remove excess weight.

What does Caffeine do to your body?

Caffeine increases our body heat through the process of thermogenesis. When our body produces more heat, more calories are burned. However, it is also thought that the thermogenesis in green tea is mostly accounted for its EGCG. EGCG is known to speed up metabolism and increase the number of calories burned with every physical activity. The EGCG in green tea also lowers bad cholesterol levels and normalizes blood sugar levels.

Benefits of green tea

Green tea as a diuretic?

Green tea is a natural diuretic. As we urinate, excess body fluid is flushed out, along with that excess weight. However, caution should be practiced when there is frequent urination. Dehydration might occur as a side effect. Fluids lost should also be replaced. This is why it is important to read this article, as it will fill you in with all the info about too much green tea


You can’t expect weight loss to occur overnight. Green tea does not melt the weight right away, but it does help in losing it day by day. A balanced diet with fruits and vegetables and regular exercise is the best way to start. Try the green tea diet, and you’re on your way to a healthy shape. One of the important things about weight loss and green tea is that the better the green tea, the better the results. That is why it is very important to get good quality before you brew your tea. This will ensure that you will get the best results possible.