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Founded in 2013, TheTeaCupany is based out of Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Here, as in many places, the tea of choice is usually a predictable grocery store tea bag. That’s OK, but there’s a whole world of tea for people to discover! We wanted to share our love of tea with our friends – and anyone else who would listen.

But we noticed that tea shops, online or in-person, were expensive and not always fresh.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to try all kinds of new teas.

So TheTeaCupany was born.

We now import hundreds of varieties of top-quality tea, we describe and categorize each tea, and we offer very low prices.

Now, we’re on a mission to share amazing tea with the world. We’ve made it easier than ever to buy quality tea online. Incredibly low prices, affordable shipping, easy brewing instructions, and no tea snobbery – that’s what TheTeaCupany is brewing.

With hundreds to of teas choose from, everyone has a tea that’s perfect for them. What’s yours?