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Green Tea Good

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Introduction to why green teas good

Green tea is good and good for you. Almost everyone knows that, but if you don’t just take a read and see for yourself 🙂

I am sure we have all heard it by now, or at least in one version or another, that green tea is good or good for you or good something. Although all these statements are true there is generally not that much provided to back them up other than I think I heard somewhere that, or someone told me that green tea is good. If you want to keep reading you will find out why I think green tea is good as well as a link to a way to make a perfect cup of green tea every time and finally….. Our favorite green teas!

hills of green tea
Beautiful tea growing

Why is green tea great?

So you are wondering why green tea is good and good for you. The first thing is that green tea is good for you for a great number of reasons such as:

  1. It comes from the earth, so depending on what your definition is green tea is generally looked upon as natural.
  2. There is no sugar in green tea itself.
  3. It tastes great.
  4. It smells great.
  5. It can be used for other things besides just drinking.
  6. It provides a little boost of caffeine, but not as much as other types of teas.
  7. It blends well with other teas.
  8. It is relaxing.
  9. It can soothe the soul.
  10. It makes me smile

So there are some of my personal reasons why I think green tea is good, and as mentioned before just information provided without any direct medical links or substantial information to back them up 🙂  There are so many green tea health benefits that the list could go on for a really long time.

How to brew the perfect green tea

The next thing that I will want to point out to you is this article: as it will show you how to brew perfect green tea every time. Although everyone generally knows how to make tea, there are subtle things that are different between the different processed types of tea, and knowing these differences can make you change from someone who likes tea to someone who loves tea.

Make sure to take a look around to get the best green tea prices around as we are sure that our price is far too low for the quality of tea, but that is what we are here for!

Green Tea Leaves

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Introduction to our full Gren Tea leaves article

Famous loose green tea leaves have been well-known for many centuries now. But for a quick refresher, green tea leaves come from a plant known as Camellia Sinensis that originated in the provinces of China, first brewed 4,000 years ago during the reign of emperor Shennong. Green tea leaves have been used as a beverage and medicinal element for many years including in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are used to control bleeding and heal wounds, and regulate the body’s temperature, blood sugar, and digestion.

nice cup of tea
a nice-looking cup of tea

What is green tea famous for?

Green tea is famous for its positive effect on the five vital organs, especially the heart. Green tea also acts as a stimulant, helps quench thirst, prevents indigestion, and can cure beriberi disease, and blotchiness. This historic, brewed drink is also well-known for its help to improve brain function and the urinary process.

A great drink is known for numerous benefits such as being a rich source of powerful antioxidants, fighting against cancer cells, inhibiting the abnormal blood clot in arteries that will lead to heart disease, and many more. green tea weight loss is also a side effect of drinking lots of this amazing drink and is seen by the lowering of bad cholesterol in our body.

Benefits of Green Tea

To see the benefits of drinking green tea you should consume 2 cups a day or at least one. It’s better to drink green tea than to not have it at all to help you get the benefits of the powerful antioxidants that green tea leaves have.
How to brew Green tea leaves:

green powder and spoon on board
nice looking matcha set for green tea brewing

How to Brew Green Tea?

In brewing green tea leaves you need to warm your water and the temperature can either be around 81-87°C or 61- 69°C you may steep it for 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes though low-quality green tea leaves are brewed longer and in much higher temperature. amazing green tea is steeped in a much cooler liquid and a shorter time. When over steeped it can cause the tea to become a bitter, astringent-like brew regardless of the quality. The steeping technique is very important so that you won’t overcook the tea; the container to be used must be warmed before brewing the tea so the tea won’t cool down then drink immediately so the flavor won’t degrade.

Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green and these are teas from the provinces of china:
gunpowder green tea – looks like tiny pellets and opens up when brewed
Long Jing – leaves are flat and tend to have a jade-like color, it is also known as Dragonwell one of the most popular among teas

Pi Lo Chung – Tea that grows near the plum and apricot trees allowing it to pick up their fragrance, this is rolled to a snail-like appearance

Snowy Mountain Jian – Is slightly similar to black teas, and has longer leaves than other green teas

Hyson Lucky Dragon – a premium green tea that has a greenish-yellow color, and a more full-body taste than other green teas

Kai Hua Long Ding – very thick and short tea leaves

Xin Yang Mao Jian – very fine tea leaves, also known as green tip

Tian Mu Qing Ding – very fine and delicate tea leaves that produce a light and sweet taste

Hou Kui – also known as Monkey tea, this tea is known to absorb the flavor and fragrance of orchids in its surroundings

There are many types of green teas and can be flavored in many different ways as well so try your green tea and find what flavor you’ll like the best.

Great iced teas for the summer

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Although the thought of tea in the summer might send you into a sweating frenzy right away you should always remember that, just like everything in life, there are more than one way to enjoy the age-old glass of tea. It doesn’t even need to be Tea for that matter and can be a nice mix of herbal inclusions, as long as you make it with a bit of a twist.

Keys to a great iced tea

While tea is generally thought of as a piping hot drink the reality is that it lends itself really well to being served ice cold. A nice brewed tea can really hit the spot on a day when the sun is out and water just isn’t appealing to your taste buds. Don’t worry as there is not really much that you have to do differently to brew a nice cup of tea up for those hot days, just a couple of things to keep in mind.

Sliced Orange Fruit in Clear Drinking Glass
different versions, all amazing iced teas

The first step, steeping your tea

The first is that it takes a while to get to that perfect spot, and I am not talking about stepping here, but rather the time it takes to get ready. With hot tea you boil your water, steep the leaves, remove the leaves and enjoy. With iced tea you will need to brew the tea, let it steep, and then let it cool which can take a decent amount of time. There are some people that will argue that you can steep and then pour over ice to get that time down, but that brings up the second aspect of brewing the perfect iced tea.

How strong to make your iced tea

Which is the dilution issue… dun dun dunnnnn. When you make hot tea your cup is just water and tea leaves; while when you make iced tea you generally have ice cubes in it. this is why I whole hardheartedly recommend that you make your tea 1.5 to 2 times stronger than you normally would.

Personally, I don’t like to wait around while the tea is cooling as I am a bit restless when it comes to my tea, so I brew up a super dark mix. If you are using tea bags, I would triple the amount of bags you use as the water movement does not always suck up as much of the tasty flavor as opposed to loose-leaf tea. This leaves you with a dark nectar of tea which you can pour directly over ice and ( although the ice melts a bit into the hot tea) you will not lose as much flavor as you are diluting twice as much tea.

iced tea in a nice cup
nice iced tea in a pitcher

Making a strong iced tea recipe

The final thing to keep in mind is that when you brew up your extra tea you don’t want to steep it for too long. This is a mistake that many people make when you ask for stronger tea. To get stronger tea you ADD MORE TEA you do not over-steep. If you steep the tea for too long you will find out that you are left with a bitter taste in most cases. This is especially true of real tea, and not always the case with tisanes. So remember to keep an eye on your brewing time as there is nothing worse than putting in the work for your perfect cup of tea to realize that a couple of minutes has ruined your drink.

Tea of the month club in Canada

The main thing of all tea creation and tasting is to keep it fun. Try out different mixes and see how blends turn out. Keep track of what you have mixed together as many times you can stumble upon a great flavor only to forget what portions of your mix where needed to achieve that masterful cup. The easiest way to ensure that you always have a fresh rotation of tea is to take a look at our tea of the month club, which is aimed at Canadians buying tea, and can be found here tea of the month club in Canada.


If you sign up for this tea of the month club you will get a great mix of teas that will always come to your house and let you experiment with the different flavors that you can create. Take a look and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us an email.

How to make the perfect cup of black tea

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How to Prepare Black Tea

The four major types of tea all come from one tea bush but the end products of these teas differ in taste and aroma. Typically, the secret to a good cup of tea lies in its preparation. It is not just a ritual that has to be followed, but, taking the time and doing it with passion brings out the best in every cup.

Black tea has a special preparation as does green, oolong, and white tea. Though there are tea bags available in the market that make everything simple and convenient to prepare, nothing still beats making tea from whole or loose leaves for the fuller flavor you get from its brew. And there’s nothing to worry about since black tea from loose leaves is fairly simple to prepare.

To prepare the perfect cup of black tea and bring out its best flavor, one would need black tea leaves, a teapot or kettle, cold water, and if you want –milk, lemon or honey.

Does the type of tea matter for brewing?

If you plan to use freshly dried leaves, pluck very young leaves and leaf buds. With a rolling pin, roll the leaves and crush them until you see that they have darkened and become red. Spread them out to dry for two to three days in a cool location. After which, put them in the oven and heat at 250F for 20 minutes. You now have tea leaves ready for brewing.

Boiling the perfect tea water

Get fresh cold water and bring it to a boil. If you are sourcing water from the tap, let it run for a few seconds to avoid a flat-tasting tea. Scientific explanation from the experts at Oregon State University says that tap water that is allowed to run for a few seconds brings in more oxygen in the water thereby giving a better flavor to the tea. Remember that cold water needs to boil. Do not create shortcuts by using water that’s already hot direct from the tap. The kind of water you use will make a big impact on the result of the tea flavor.

Get about a cup of the boiled water and pour it into your small teapot, which can be made of ceramic or glass, as long as it’s not metal, and cover it to warm the inside. Swirl the water and then empty the teapot.

Brewing the perfect cup of black tea

Put in black tea leaves. Experiment with the quantity according to your tea strength preference. Usually, a ratio of 1 heaping teaspoon of loose tea for every 8 ounces of water is used.

Pour in a little amount of boiling water and remove immediately. This is one step called ‘rinsing of tea leaves’ that’s particularly for black tea only. After which, pour enough boiling water into the teapot to achieve your desired tea mixture.

Steeping black tea

Allow the tea leaves to brew in the water for 2 to 3 minutes. Avoid stirring while steeping the tea leaves. A shorter time period of infusing tea, especially for high-quality ones makes the best tea than steeping more than the recommended time frame. Leave it covered. If you really want a stronger flavored cup of black tea, leave it for up to 5 minutes. Don’t let it steep longer or you will create a tea with a very bitter taste.

Clean up

Then, just like the rinsing of the teapot, rinse cups to be used with hot water. Get your teapot and pour into the cups your finished brewed tea using a strainer. You can now enjoy your tea!

If there is unused tea left, strain the tea leaves and cover it. Leaving the leaves in the pot for a long time will destroy the flavor of black tea.

If you choose to add milk and sweeteners, this must be done after the tea is strained and not inside the teapot with the leaves.

Some people prefer to make a second infusion using the same leaves in another pot. They even claim that the 2nd infusion is a lot better. High-quality black tea can be infused many times over.


These are the simple preparations for a wonder drink which you may even learn to enjoy more than your usual morning beverage! If you are looking for some great flavored black tea I would suggest my personal favorite

black tea with peach inclusions
Nice black loose leaf peach tea

Black tea vs green tea

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There are always going to be debates about which is better and the truth is that there is no better or worse when it comes to tea as the only one who makes that decision is the person drinking the tea. Tea is subjective and should be something that is always enjoyed.

If you are not enjoying your tea then you might not be making it right, which you can easily fix by reading over these little snippets:
how to make black tea
how to brew loose leaf tea

So other than that the usual questions come up such as the health benefits of green tea and other things and when I think about this it is something that always somewhat makes me question the thought process of these statements. I am not saying that it is weird to think about the health benefits of green tea or any of the other teas, but when it really comes down to it I like to drink beverages that taste good, and if there are health benefits then I think that is a bonus. Other than cough medicine or things like that there are not many things that I will take into my body that taste bad just because they might help.

close-up photography of filled clear glass kettle
a nice pot of tea brewing

With drinking tea you can enjoy the drink, and choose a brew that you do really like, and if there are health benefits then take it as a bonus. But don’t drink a certain brew just because you think it might be better for your health than other types of tea, drink it as a bonus. Don’t take this as a recommendation to drink something because it tastes good and ignore all other health aspects like with cola or other sugary drinks. I am simply saying that it is best to not overthink the things that we should be enjoying.

At the end of the day every cup of tea should be enjoyed, and if you find yourself drinking tea with the act becoming more like a chore maybe it is time to switch it up. We have many different fruit teas that can add some new flavors to your mixes, even if they aren’t green or black teas. With the number of tisanes available online today there is no reason why you should be bored of the traditional teas as there are so many choices that you can take advantage of.

If you ever want some of our personal recommendations just send us an email and we would be happy to help try to match you up with a new brew to get that smile back on your face when it comes to tea time!

Brewt tea brewer

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Before I found the BrewT brewer I was constantly dealing with the hand-held tea ball strainer , which isn’t bad but just isn’t the best way and always leaves me looking for somewhere to put the ball after I am done steeping the tea, and just weren’t made to share with other people.

This is where I met the BrewT brewer. Just look at how easy it is to use:

Are you tired of using traditional tea bags that leave residue in your cup and can’t fully extract the tea’s flavor and nutrients? Say hello to BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser, the revolutionary way to enjoy your loose-leaf tea.

Key Features of BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser

  • Made from premium-quality, food-grade stainless steel, BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser is durable and safe for hot liquids.
  • Its unique design allows for maximum steeping, ensuring that all the flavors and nutrients of your tea are fully extracted.
  • The infuser is easy to clean, simply rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher.
  • BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser is versatile and can be used in a variety of mugs, teapots, and cups, making it the perfect companion for your tea on-the-go.

How to Use BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser

Using BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser is simple and convenient. Just follow these steps:

  1. Fill the infuser with your desired amount of loose leaf tea.
  2. Place the infuser in your mug, teapot, or cup.
  3. Pour hot water over the infuser and let it steep for the recommended time.
  4. Remove the infuser and enjoy your perfectly brewed tea.

Benefits of Using BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser

  • Enjoy the full flavor and benefits of your tea. BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser allows for maximum steeping, ensuring that all the flavors and nutrients of your tea are fully extracted.
  • Save money. No more wasting money on tea bags that leave residue in your cup and can’t fully extract the tea’s flavor and nutrients.
  • Easy to clean. Simply rinse it with water or put it in the dishwasher, making it a convenient and low-maintenance option for your tea-drinking needs.
  • Environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to disposable tea bags and reduce your waste with BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser.


In conclusion, BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser is the ultimate solution for loose-leaf tea lovers. Its premium-quality materials, unique design, and versatility make it a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy their tea to the fullest. So why wait? Get your hands on BREWTâ„¢ Tea Infuser today and experience the difference for yourself!

How to Enjoy your Green Tea Lemon in Two Awesomely Awesome Ways!

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Green tea is healthy for everyone from young children to the older generations and has proved to be one of the best drinks men have ever discovered, and that’s a fact. To rank second from water, tea has provided hundreds and hundreds of reasons why you should consider sipping a cup or two days and it has no side effects! For all seasons and occasions, green tea has proved to work wonders not just on your body but as well as your social relationships with others.

Now, you might probably wonder how you can enjoy your cup of green tea the most any season or time of the day you want or need it. Here are two perfect recipes for green tea with a twist of lemon!

Mason Jar With iced tea
Nice iced tea mix

Warm Green Tea Lemon recipe

This recipe is perfect in the morning, before or after meals, during strict days of the diet, or before going to bed. You will need:

1. Green tea (better if you can get loose-leaf green tea as they offer a richer aroma and flavor and also they release less caffeine compared to using tea bags);

2. Two cups of warm water or 180 ml (take note that you need warm not rolling or boiling water! Warm water around 70-80 degrees Celsius that’s a little shorter time before your water pours out of your kettle!)

3. Half a slice of fresh lemon cut into two.

4. A strainer/ infuser/ tea ball; and

5. Your favorite tea set

What to do: Put your green tea inside the infuser. Place it in a teapot and pour two cups of warm water. Let it steep for one minute. Squeeze the lemon and let it sit for another minute. Serve and enjoy!

How to make an amazing lemon iced team at home.

Iced Green Tea Lemon

This is just the cold counterpart of the recipe above. This refreshing drink is so perfect after exercise, after meals, during late afternoon snacks, during a hot sunny day or all throughout summertime! It will help your body stay hydrated and cool even if you stay outdoors!

You will need:

1. Pitcher (enough to hold one liter of water);

2. 15g of loose-leaf tea or two tea bags;

3. 1 liter of warm water;

4. Half a slice of fresh lemon cut into two;

5. Ice cubes;

6. A strainer/ infuser/ tea ball; and

7. An infuser/ tea ball / strainer

What to do: In a pitcher, put your infuser containing your loose green tea leaves or in case you are using tea bags you can directly put it inside the pitcher. Pour 1 liter of warm water and let the tea steep for a minute. Squeeze the lemon and again let the mixture sit until water acquires a room temperature (best if you throw along the mixture the lemon pulp and let it also steep with the tea). Put it in a fridge and serve chilled. You may add honey or other sweeteners if you like.

Health experts approve 2-3 cups of green tea a day but that excludes people under medication or those who need special health attention. Daily doses of green tea warm or cold help in weight loss and detoxifies your body naturally as it replenishes your cells from within.

Green Tea Price

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Introduction to the pricing of Green Tea

Green tea is known for its unique and simple taste, which blends well with various flavorings worldwide. It is one of the most in-demand drinks in many countries and is enjoyed by people for generations. Many like this kind of drink not just only for its different distinctive taste but also for the numerous health benefits of green tea s. Of course, when tea is of high quality, it demands for a price that suits its value and grade.

How much does Green Tea Cost?

Let us now know how much it costs to take cups of this healthy green tea. Nowadays, you can buy green teas in either tea bags or loose green tea leaves. You can shop in supermarkets or go through online shopping if you want to deliver it straightly at your doors.

You can browse through the internet for the different prices of green tea that you can avail. Some tea companies sell green teas with discounts or promos. For example, in Okinawa Way they are now retailing green teas for 50% off if you buy one box of their green tea. You can save from 10% up to 25% more on their products if you buy 2 to 6 boxes of their green tea products.

What are Green Teas?

Green teas are usually made from an unoxidized process of younger and smaller leaves or buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Green tea leaves are heated to stop their oxidation process. The leaves are rolled after and then finally dried up until the moisture of the leaves will filtrate in 3%.

What volumes can you buy Green Tea in?

Teas are available in bulk packaging and are sold by kilograms in weight. In India, green tea is sold usually with 10 sachets of non-carbohydrate, gluten, and calorie-free healthy green teas. The description is usually soluble in water and can serve hot or cold.

It can also help prevent your body from computer radiation and is believed to be a preventive drink to help against cancer and heart diseases. Green tea reduces fats in the blood and promotes healthy teeth and gums. Be certain in storing your green teas to retain its fresh and strong flavor. It can last for two years if you save a good quality green tea and have stored it properly.

How much Caffeine is in Green Tea?

The caffeine content of green tea varies on how long you brewed it. However, you can replace your morning coffee with green tea as well, for it contains lesser caffeine than the usual cup of coffee.


You can shop online for a wide choice of green teas you intended to buy. In many’s opinions, tea is the cheapest luxury for people. It may cost a lot when you buy it in kilograms, but it costs almost a cent when brewed in a cup. Remember that some of our teas derived from China, including green ones, can infuse more than five times. And it causes additional interesting flavors for teas.

If you are planning to buy green teas in bulk sizes, typically, it is priced in kilograms or per quarter ounces. It depends on the shop you are looking into. A quarter ounce of green tea can make 50 cups of tea. Wholesale pricing is also available for the customers upon requesting the shop or the company.

The benefits of green tea

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Introduction to the benefits of green tea

The benefits of green tea have become famous to people all around the world. Among the varieties of tea available, green tea is the most famous due to its health benefits. It does not only work wonders for your mood, it also does wonders for our body.

Benefits of green tea

There are many green tea benefits and here are just a few of them. Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine makes our bodies physically and mentally active. Drinking green tea helps improve mental functioning and helps retain memory. Thus, drinking green tea can help elevate your senses at work or at home, reading or studying. It is best drunk in the morning to wake you up and can also be drunk at the middle and end of the day when you want to excite and freshen up.

closeup photo of green ceramic cup with tea
nice looking green tea set

Green tea as a diuretic

Green tea acts as a natural diuretic. It makes you urinate more. During urination, excess fluid is being flushed out by your kidneys, along with toxic substances that can cause potential harm to your body. Because the excess fluid is lost, drinking green tea can help you manage weight. A balanced diet, exercise, and green tea can help you lose weight faster. This is one of the many advantages of this drink as when you drink green tea weight loss will occur all by itself.

Reducing blood pressure with green tea

Elevated blood pressure puts you at risk for complications such as a stroke. Certain medications used to lower blood pressure act by causing the body to urinate more. When you drink green tea, you get almost the same effect as taking a diuretic or antihypertensive drug. Therefore, green tea can help you manage your blood pressure.

Green tea as an antibacterial additive

You might have encountered mouthwashes that contain green tea extracts. Green tea has antibacterial properties. It helps fight bacteria in your mouth, causing unwanted mouth odors and throat and gum infections. This means that drinking green tea will not only freshen your breath, but it will also clean it.

Is green tea good for your skin?

Green tea is also good for our skin. Because of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, green tea can help improve our complexion and fight certain skin problems, such as acne. Drinking green tea alone can help rejuvenate our skin, and the teabag can be reused by applying topically to affected areas.

nice looking tea setup
nicely brewing up some tea

Green tea as a health booster

Perhaps the most amazing thing green tea can do is to help fight cancer. Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, chemicals that fight free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals that oxidize our cells, causing cell aging and deterioration. Antioxidants in green tea fight those free radicals in the body, making our body younger and our cells healthier. Cells are renewed, and there is a prohibition on the growth of cancer cells.


Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help prevent certain diseases. It can help save you from the future cost of medicines and hospitalizations. To be healthy and fit, drink green tea. One of the important things to remember is that all green tea is not created equally. The quality of the leaf will determine the quality of your body’s benefits. This is why it is important to get loose green tea that is very high quality. As this will ensure the best health benefits for your body.

Here are some high-quality, and great-tasting green teas that are good for your body and your soul:

Health benefits of green tea

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green tea has been enjoyed for centuries and continues to grow in universal appreciation and consumption worldwide. However, with the advancement of medical technologies, we are starting to discover that Green Tea is actually really good tasting… and really good for your body. Keep on reading to find out more about what it is in Green Tea that is so good for you and your body.

What I have found out about green tea – it can help to reduce swelling

The first thing that I have found out about green tea is that it has been shown to decrease swelling and also assist with arthritic pain. The reason that this is a big deal is that the pain associated with arthritis is one of the most painful and annoying feelings that you can have. It hurts in your bones, your joints, and all over the affected areas, with little relief for severe sufferers.

loose oolong tea
a great-looking blend of oolong tea

If green tea is able to help even a little bit, then I would say it is worth trying out. Worst case scenario is that you do not find relief, but you find a great drink! There are many benefits of green tea in your body so keep reading to find out even more of them!

It can help with cholesterol levels

One of the most recent things that have come out in the news is that green tea actually helps with your cholesterol levels. It does it on two different fronts, the first thing it does is increase HDL levels in your body. This is a good thing because this is the good type of cholesterol that your body needs. The next thing that it can do is lower the bad cholesterol in your body, which is sometimes the cause of cardiovascular disease. These two actions alone are good enough reasons to drink green tea, but we are not done there yet. If you are looking

Reducing free radicals

The next thing that green tea has been shown to assist with is reducing the number of free radicals and in turn, the damage they cause in the body. Free radicals are things you do not want in your body and are generally hard to deal with as they are created and float around your body and bloodstream. This is why they are hard to deal with, and if green tea can assist with this, then I would suggest trying it out.

Drinking tea in this regard is a bit more a preventative measure as you will most likely not be able to say that by drinking 1 cup of green tea, you removed 1 free radical, however, you can say that by drinking green tea you might be reducing the possibility of your body being affected by free radicals. Again, not 100% conclusive, but really what do you have to lose?

The benefits of Green tea explained

If you are interested in getting some of the benefits of green tea, but find it hard to enjoy it on a daily basis, then don’t worry, as there are a couple of alternatives that can help you out. You can supplement your intake with additional sources of green tea. One of the favorites of people are green tea extracts.

person pouring water into green sauce
brewing up a nice cup of matcha

These extracts can be combined with other things and offer the flavor of green tea to whatever they are used in. One example is green tea ice cream, who would’ve thought that it would be a good thing to eat ice cream? Another thing that you can use to supplement your green tea intake is to take capsules, like vitamins, with the extract inside. This makes it very easy to enjoy the benefits of green tea by just taking a pill.

Green Tea Caffeine

One thing that you will want to take notice of is the fact that green tea contains caffeine. Many people find they are unable to interact with caffeine on a daily basis as sometimes it keeps people awake and can cause headaches and other issues. If you are one of these people, then there is nothing to worry about as decaffeinated teas are coming out that still contain all the health benefits of tea but don’t contain any of the caffeine. This is good as you have the luxury of enjoying these teas right before bed. If you are looking for an easy way to lower caffeine in green tea then take a read of that article it will give you some great tips on how to quickly and easily drop the caffeine levels in your teas!


As mentioned above there are many different things that it appears green tea can help with, so why not try it out? Green tea is great tasting and great for you, drink that will make you feel great. So what are you waiting for, go try some green tea today! A side note as well is that if you are looking for top-quality loose-leaf green tea for sale check out our home page at theteacupany.com and click on the green tea category for the best prices on some healthy green tea.

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