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Orange Honeybush

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If you are looking for a honeybush blend with your favorite vitamin c producing fruit then look no further as this combination of oranges and honeybush is just the tea for you. Coupling the light flavor of honeybush with the juicy taste of ripe oranges produces a great tea no matter your mood.

A caffeine free drink with tons of options this is a really versatile tea to add to your collection. Hot, cold, sweetened, or blended you really can’t do anything wrong with this tea.

Best if steeped between 3-5 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Honeybush mixed with dried orange peels and infused with orange flavors.

Vanilla Rooibos

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The gentle flavor of vanilla is evenly spread through this red teas mix and leaves you with a smooth and enjoyable cup of tea. From beginning to end you will not be disappointed with the gentle pairing which results in a great tea to wind your day down with. As a caffeine free mix, and a wonderful soothing taste, try it out before bed or while enjoying your favorite book.

Best if steeped for 5 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Red rooibos infused with natural vanilla flavors.

Orange Rooibos

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The combination of orange and rooibos is a great mixture for when you are feeling like just letting loose. Just as orange juice is best served cold, this combination lends itself very well to being prepared to be served chilled.

If you are looking for a hot cup of tea as well, then don’t worry as this tea is equally good nice and hot.

Best if steeped for 5 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Red rooibos with dried orange peels and infused with natural orange flavors.

Peach Rooibos

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As juicy peach season comes and go there will be a craving that just cannot be answered once the last peach is picked; unless you have this amazing mix in your cupboard.

As with most fruit mixes you are able to enjoy this piping hot, or ice cold depending on your mood and the weather around you.

Best if steeped for 5 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Red rooibos mixed with apple and apricot pieces, marigold flowers, and infused with natural peach flavors.

Vanilla Rooibos Chai

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A great mix for those chai lovers wanting to try another blend out. With this rooibos based blend you get the same caffeine free red cup but with an unexpected flavor combination usually reserved for chai lovers.

With the loud flavors of your typical Masala chai paired with subtle hints of vanilla this cup of tea will really take your taste buds for a ride. Another great mix to try hot or cold as the loud notes come through great either way you serve it.

Best if steeped for 7-10 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Red rooibos tea with ginger root, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, cloves, dried orange peels, and natural vanilla flavors.

Fire Cracker

Reading Time: < 1 minute

A sizzling blend of cinnamon, clove, orange peels, and peppercorns ignites the flavor of this tea. Coupled with the warm flavors of cocoa nibs, honeybush, and hazelnuts this tea has an amazing balance of sweet and spicy that will leave your taste buds happy that you took the plunge.

Green Rooibos

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Green rooibos comes from the same plant as the typical red rooibos does, but it is all in the processing that makes the difference between the two different teas. With the green rooibos the processing does not include the same bruising or oxidization of the leaves which result in the green appearance. Because of the difference in preparation the resulting tea cup is a lot different from the traditional rooibos.

The green rooibos cup of tea resembles a green cup of tea as it is lighter than its more processed tea brother. The first thing you will notice in the green rooibos tea cup is that its appearance is a lot lighter, which matches its fruity light flavor as well. The tea also has a sweeter taste than the red rooibos and a bit earthier of a taste. A great new experience if you are really looking to try out a new tea.

Best if steeped at 180 ° for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Green rooibos.

Almond Rooibos

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The nutty flavor of almond is combined with the clean taste of red rooibos to create a wonderful combination that is a great all day drink. A nice caffeine free drink that is great at any time of the day.

Best if steeped for 5 minutes at 212°

Ingredients: Red rooibos infused with almond flavors.

Roasted Apple and Cinnamon Rooibos

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Like a warmed up apple sprinkled with cinnamon straight out of the oven this rooibos mix delivers the warm and inviting flavors of an apple pie with the sweet taste that only rooibos could provide. Similar to a warm apple cider this drink is best served piping hot on a cold day.

Best if steeped for 5 minutes at 212°

Rooibos and caffeine – the truth about it :)

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Rooibos is the new kid on the block for tisanes. You will notice that I make this clarification first and foremost, that rooibos is a tisane as it is not really a tea. If you are not familiar with this term then just take a quick gander over here to find out what is a tisane . Now going forward I will actually be referring to it as a tea… blasphemy you say. No not really, if people want to read it knowing that it is truly not a tea but a tisane then that is cool. I just don’t want to come off as one of those people in tea shops that correct you every time you ask for a chamomile tea and then they have to say actaulllyyyyy it is a tisane….  So if you know that rooibos is a tisane, cool, if not now you do. If you don’t care either way then keep on reading to find out the truth about rooibos and caffeine !

Unlike most teas, rooibos has no caffeine in it. It may be news to you, but you should know that rooibos caffeine is not merely news, it is good news. It is good and safe for everybody, for people of all ages and in all conditions. There are many rooibos health benefits to the brew and in this article we will just quickly go over the lack of caffeine and leave the additional discussion for a later day!

vanilla infused red rooibos

It is more appropriate to state that rooibos is not a tea, but a tisane (an herbal infusion) since it does not come from the tea plant. Instead, this beverage comes from the rooibos plant. Rooibos is a shrub that grows only in the land of Cape Town, South Africa. Today, rooibos is gaining popularity around the world due to its unique qualities and benefits. It is also known as red tea because of the color of its leaves and the color of the resulting beverage. Rooibos is available in loose leaf packages or in teabags. It can be served hot or cold. Bottled rooibos are also available and are best served ice cold.

Studies show that ingesting caffeine during pregnancy especially during the first three months of gestation has been linked to possible issues. Thais is why many turn to rooibos during pregnancy as there is no caffeine in the drink at all. Caffeine is present in beverages such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Rooibos has zero caffeine in it. Therefore, pregnant women can safely drink rooibos. Drinking rooibos has a relaxing effect for mothers and has a mild, sweet taste that can be enjoyed anytime.

Traditionally, rooibos has been used to treat infant colic. It is also used to alleviate constipation and remedy stomach problems such as nausea and vomiting. Rooibos can be safely taken by children, even infants. Since it has no caffeine, it does not cause palpitations and stomach irritation. Caffeine, when taken by children, can potentially cause hyperactivity which may later on cause children to develop fatigue and decreased attention span.

If caffeinated drinks can make you become alert, rooibos does the opposite. It helps you to be calm and feel relaxed. Drinking rooibos before bedtime can help you have a good night’s sleep. It could also save you from sleep disturbances and insomnia.

Moreover, coffees and teas contain tannins, chemical that block the absorption of iron. Rooibos contains very low tannins, in negligible amounts, even. Thus, rooibos can be safely drunk without having to worry about iron-deficiency anemia.

Now you’ve heard the good news about rooibos. Start making it a part of your lifestyle and share it to people who can potentially benefit from this information. Spread the good news!

And if you are ever wondering how to say rooibos don’t worry as I wrote a whole article for it so just take a read if it tickles your fancy.

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