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Yerba Mate benefits

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Yerba mate, as many of us have heard all this talk of mate being a great alternate to other caffeine products. Let us review some of the health benefits of this alternative which many of us today are drinking as a new caffeine source or the occasional alternative to a day you just don’t feel like having your morning coffee and would like to switch it up. Yerba mate caffeine is well-known for a cleaner energy boost with less crash or none compared to a coffee crash and has been described as clean, gentle and calm. Rarely interfering with sleep and none of those jitters some of us experience from coffee and has been beneficial for many people suffering from physical or mental fatigue and all the brain enhancing benefits of caffeine that are commonly known. Other than caffeine there has been two related compounds found in yerbe mate, theobromine and theophylline. Well-known stimulants also found in tea, coffee and chocolate.

Yerba mate teas not only including caffeine but many other nutrients including minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols have a balancing effect on the caffeine and giving a cleaner and more efficient effect. All of these elements giving drinkers the benefits of none of the uncomfortable side effects associated with drinking caffeinated beverages, such as stomachaches, headaches, jitters and the big caffeine crash that many of us has experienced. Here is a more in depth look at exactly which minerals and vitamins are in yerba mate:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc, Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5

In addition Yerba mate contains 11 polyphenols and has more antioxidants than any other tea based drink.

Yerba mate has benefits on physical endurance as well, the chemical compounds and nutrients in yerba mate tea have affect on your metabolism to help your body use carbohydrates more efficiently. This helps your body use your energy from food a lot more effectively. Regular consumption of yerba mate benefits lactic acid from building up in your muscles, decreasing post workout soreness and helps speeding up recovery time.

Aiding in digestion is another big benefit for millions, as many of us don’t like to address the problem of irregular bowel movements. Studies have show to increase in bile flow and enhances the intestinal tract. Drinking yerba mate regularly has show the ability to cure chronic constipation issues in individuals by stimulating the body to have regular bowel movements and all of this helps reduce the stomach bacteria that can contribute to bad breath as well!

Yet another great benefits of yerba mate helps with weight control, a great herb that can be added into your diet for weight loss, the only herb that burns fat all over the body and has a great suppressant qualities helping you get through those unhealthy binges and sticking to a well rounded diet. This is not instant or solely a diet wonder but added to part of a healthier lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise can have great benefits.

Another benefit of yerba mate is boosted immune system, recent U.S. studies have show that polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that strengthen the body’s natural defenses, protecting us against cellular destruction and yerba mate is very rich in polyphenols. Lab test have show the highest concentration of polyphenols, followed by red wines and green tea. The yerba mate plant contains a number of powerful phytochemicals called saponins. When studying the effect that saponins have on plants, it has been discovered that saponins are the plants active immune system and function being transferred to the human body when ingested. Scientists are looking at how saponins can help humans fight fungal infections, combat microbes and viruses. Boost the effectiveness of certain vaccines.

As most things in life, yerba mate is full of great benefits but moderation always needs to be taken into account. I hope you have enjoyed learning some of the benefits of yerba mate.

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Iced tea recipe

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Iced tea recipe

Usually people think that tea must either be brewed and enjoyed hot, or mixed from some powder to create a nice chilled drink.

The reality is that it doesn’t need to be either of these two methods to make a nice iced tea. If you are looking for a great drink to cool off with in the summer just brew up your own tea and ice it. Although that sounds straight forward the truth is that you can make a few missteps which might have you turning back to that powdered version quickly. Here is a quick step by step guide how to make a nice brewed ice tea.

The first thing you want to do is to choose your loose leaf tea, which is really depending on how you feel that day. Some people swear that a nice black tea leaf with no additives will provide the truest iced tea blend, but the truth is that you can use any tea, or tisane , you feel like having.

Once you have chosen your mix to brew, make sure that you have enough of the tea required to brew the tea. If you are using a tea with a heavy flavor, or are looking for a light flavored iced tea, then you do not have to add any extra tea other than you are usually brewing. However, if the mix you are brewing is a very light flavor, or you want a heavier tasting iced tea, you will need to double what you have initially planned on brewing. This is because you still keep a low brewing time, but generally the flavor is not as deep due to people adding iced cubes before enjoying the tea.

So once you have brewed your mix up , you have two choices, you can either add ice until it cools down or you can put it in the fridge to drop in temperature. It is important to remove the tea leaves before you put it in the fridge as you will end up with a bitter tasting mushy drink. No one wants this when they are trying to cool down.
That is it really, those steps are your sure fire way to enjoy a nice iced tea on a hot summer day. And remember if you are looking for cheap tea in canada look no further than the teacupany, as we have the best prices on Black tea, White Tea, Green Tea, and many other herbal mixes.




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Cheap tea in canada

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Looking for cheap tea in Canada? Don’t worry the teacupany has you covered and wants to clarify one thing, cheap tea does not equal bad tea. Perhaps it is better to say the best tea prices in Canada for the quality you are getting.  We pride ourselves on providing great tea for a great price, and the reality is that cheap tea does not make it low quality.

You might be wondering what the real difference is between cheap tea and cheap tasting tea. The best example I can give is a sale. If you go and get a bag of tea for $10 and it tastes good then you might be happy. No imagine that bag of tea was on sale to $1, that makes the tea a great value as it is both a good product as well as a cheap price.

We don’t sell low quality tea, we sell tea at a great price and the way we do this is by working directly with some of the biggest importers in the world, and in turn get the best prices. We buy a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a lot of tea, and in turn get the lowest prices we can. As we are an online store we do not pay for overhead like a storefront and in turn are able to offer low prices on great tea.
If you like to get the best prices on great tea in Canada then you came to the right place.  Many times people confuse price with quality and let us assure you that there is no compromise on quality when ordering from us. We drink this tea everyday, and enjoy drinking it. We have had many, many people who have said the prices are so low that they were even worried about the tea but after their first order continued to order larger and larger quantities of tea.
Getting tea at a price that won’t break the bank is not hard as long as you are dealing with people who understand that the price of tea should not keep people from enjoying the great drink of tea. We started this company so that you can order lots of samples and find what works best for your cup of tea without breaking the bank if you didn’t like one of the samples. This is why we created the small sample sizes of tea, you can get a taste of lots of different teas and find out what works for you and in turn order more of your favorites. If you are looking for the best tea prices in canada then come take a look at all of our teas, send us an email if you have any questions and just try it out. Enjoy your tea without breaking the bank. Another way to enjoy tea is by signing up for our tea of the month club in Canada . This is a great way to try out lots of different teas, with one of the lowest costs per month that we have found. Delivered to your door every month it take the guess work out of trying out new teas!

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Great iced teas for the summer

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Great iced teas for the summer

Although the thought of tea in the summer might send you into a sweating frenzy right away you should always remember that, just like everything in life, there are more than one way to enjoy the age old glass of tea. It doesn’t even need to be Tea for that matter, and can be a nice mix of herbal inclusions, as long as you make it with a bit of a twist.

While tea is generally though of as a piping hot drink the reality is that it lends itself really well to being served ice cold. A nice brewed tea can really hit the spot on a day when the sun is out and water just isn’t appealing to your taste buds. Don’t worry as there is not really much that you have to do differently to brew a nice cup of tea up for those hot days, just a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first is that it takes a while to get to that perfect spot, and I am not talking about steeping here, rather the time it takes to get ready. With hot tea you boil your water, steep the leaves, remove the leaves and enjoy. With iced tea you will need to brew the tea, let it steep, and then let it cool which can take a decent amount of time. There are some people that will argue that you can steep and then pour over ice to get that time down, but that brings up the second aspect of brewing the perfect iced tea.

Which is the dilution issue… dun dun dunnnnn. When you make hot tea your cup is just water and tea leaves; while when you make iced tea you generally have ice cubes in it. this is why I whole hardheartedly recommend that you make your tea 1.5 to 2 times stronger than you normally would. Personally, I don’t like to wait around while the tea is cooling as I am a bit restless when it comes to my tea, so I brew up a super dark mix. If you are using tea bags, I would triple the amount of bags you use as the water movement does not always suck up as much of the tasty flavor as opposed to loose leaf tea. This leaves you with a dark nectar of tea which you can pour directly over ice and ( although the ice melts a bit into the hot tea) you will not lose as much flavor as you are diluting twice as much tea.

The final thing to keep in mind is that when you brew up your extra tea you don’t want to steep it for too long. This is a mistake that many people make when you ask for stronger tea. To get stronger tea you ADD MORE TEA you do not oversteep. If you steep the tea for too long you will find out that you are left with a bitter taste in most cases. This is especially true of real tea, and not always the case with tisanes. So remember to keep an eye on your brewing time as there is nothing worse than putting int he work for your perfect cup of tea to realize that a couple minutes has ruined your drink.

The main thing of all tea creation and tasting is to keep it fun. Try out different mixes and see how blends turn out. Keep track of what you have mixed together as many times you can stumble upon a great flavor only to forget what portions of your mix where needed to achieve that masterful cup. The easiest way to ensure that you always have a fresh rotation of tea is to take a look at our tea of the month club, which is aimed at Canadians buying tea, and can be found here tea of the month club in Canada  .

If you sign up for this tea of the month club you will get a great mix of teas that will always come to your house and let you experiment on the different flavors that you can create. Take a look and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us an email.


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Tea of the month update

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So as the holiday season continues to move along and we blast into a new year I just wanted to again say thank you for all of the tea of the month orders! Right now we are the second highest ranked site for tea of the month club canada and other terms like that and are hoping to continue to grow and get more and more subscribers.

This month we have passed the 50 subscribers mark again and are looking to hit 100 new people to add to the best tea of the month club in canada . We have been working really hard to get more and more varieties of tea so that we can have different versions for the next year or two for people signing up again.

Don’t worry you won’t end up with the same tea, unless you request it, and everything is nice and fresh no matter what the outside is like. You can always count on us to get your tea of the month order out and into your hands every month.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to make the club a better one please don’t hesitate to send us an email or use our contact us link to send us the information. We are trying to be the #1 tea club in Canada so anything that can help make it better will be better for everyone in the long run.

Thanks again for your support and enjoy your tea 🙂

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Time of the year

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It has been an up and down roller coaster here at the TeaCupany and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has made this year a success. For those who have ordered the tea of the month club , I hope that you are enjoying the monthly mailings. For those who order tea, I hope you enjoy them as well.
I started out on this journey so that I could send people tea at the best rates possible and allow people to try out as many teas as they could with the lowest amount of money possible. This all started after I bought a bag of tea to try and it was maybe 200 grams for $25.  That moment I realized there must be a better way to get tea, and a better way for others to get tea as well. This is where the TeaCupany first started.

This year we have passed our first 100 tea of the month club members and it is really a milestone. I never thought that this would be the case but just want to thank everyone for their continued support. There have been growing pains, and moving pains, and pains of all sort but tea really does help with pretty much all pains.
It is the holiday season and I just wanted everyone to know how grateful I am for your continued support and visiting the site. We will have more blog posts and more updates this year as we take a new view on the posting of topics.


Happy holidays to everyone no matter what you are celebrating. This new year will be bigger and better than ever at the TeaCupany so have a great holiday season and watch out for those feets of strength…..


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Tea of the month Canada Club

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If you have been looking to get into a great Christmas present for the winter seasons then don’t worry as we have you covered. Tea is one of the best Christmas presents you can give because so many people like it, and there is such a variety of tea that can be offered. Many times a company will come out with a special line of teas just for Christmas, and while we do have some for this time of the year, we tend to focus on our entire Christmas line up versus just bringing in some strangers for a short season.

Right now we are really gearing up with our tea of the month club in Canada which has been doing great for us and our customers. Every month we seem to be adding more and more happy people who love to get those little envelopes of joy month after month. 

The tea of the month club in Canada program has been such a success that we are looking at expanding the offering to other places, but are currently waiting on shipping and insurance information.

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Tea of the month club

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The winter is now among us and the tea of the month club has been doing great. Recently we have surpassed previous records on the number of members in the club and it is growing every month. Great time are had by all and the tea of the month club in canada has been doing great.

If you are looking for a Christmas present of tea for someone try out our tea of the month setup and we can make any gift you want a reality for your loved ones.

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What is Cold Pressed Tea?

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Tea is the most aromatic beverage of all and consumed almost by everyone all around the world. It originated from China and was mainly used by the Chinese for medicinal purpose not only in physical but also spiritual as they say. Tea was introduced in the 16th century to the Portuguese merchants and priests. Tea also became popular in Britain during the 17th century until now, India and to many other parts of the world. Drinking tea has many benefits to our mind and body. Tea is commonly prepared and served hot but nowadays tea can not only be enjoyed when hot but it can also be enjoyed cold especially during a hot summer season which definitely refreshes, rejuvenates, revitalizes and relaxes your mind and your body. Today we will talk about cold pressed tea or also known as “cold brewed tea”. Tea is very versatile it can be served hot or cold and both just tastes awesome! The method of cold pressing or cold brewing is now known as iced tea which is quite very trendy not just to adults but also to teenagers. This method is a process of steeping tea leaves into a tea pot. Though it involves a much longer process than having tea with hot water but for others it’s worth the entire wait. Some people do this process for just about 5 minutes but some for hours to extract its richness and to come out with a much smoother and sweeter taste. This is because cold water extracts a different chemical balance from the tea than steeping in hot water.


There are lesser catechins and caffeine in iced tea which reduces the bitterness from the tea. As said by many, cold pressed tea is a new way to enjoy old favorites. This profile is an exciting way for tea lovers and food lovers to explore the unique taste of their favorite tea. Tea can not only be enjoyed hot you’ve also tried to put some ice once in a while and then paired with your favorite food. Cold brewed teas are safer than sun brewed and this is because sun brewed has the potential to grow dangerous bacteria. Cold press tea is very easy and relaxing to prepare. All you will need is your pitcher, bottle, kettle, or just even a jar, and a lid, water (cold or room temped). Get your container and add water, add the tea and top this with your lid, now you can put it in the fridge and the period of putting this depends on what kind of tea you will use. White teas, green teas, wiry fat oolongs are easier and less time to make than others, when cold enough, get your favorite glass serve this to your family and friends surely they will enjoy and be happy about it. Roobios is also another option that you might not have thought about cold pressing but is a great alternative to traditional teas as well.

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Constipated? Having irregular bowel movements? How about bloating? At some point, we may have experienced these problems. Various factors lead to constipation: immobility, low fiber diet, and certain medical conditions. Constipation can be prevented by ambulation and high fiber diet. When all else fails, we resort to taking laxatives. If you have considered taking an herbal laxative tea, then you made a wise choice.

An herbal laxative tea is an herbal infusion made of leaves from plants which have a laxative effect. They act by stimulating peristalsis of the intestines to produce a bowel movement. Herbal laxative teas may contain various herbs which has the same peristaltic effect on the stomach. Commonly used herbs are senna, milk thistle, tea leaves, licorice roots, and barley. The more popularly used herb is senna, which is an ingredient in a laxative pill commonly prescribed by doctors.

As food goes through the intestines from the stomach, water is being absorbed. The longer the waste materials stay in the intestine, the more water is absorbed, and the greater the chance that the stool may become hard. This is the reason why irregular bowel movement is a predisposing factor to constipation.

Herbal laxative tea does not only provide relief to constipation, it also offers some benefits to your body. It is used in detoxification, promotes regular bowel movement, and promotes weight loss. As wastes materials are flushed out from the body, toxins go along with it. The more waste materials move out from the body, the less water is absorbed, and weight loss can occur.

Drinking herbal laxative tea every day is not recommended. It should only be drunk when unable to have a bowel movement despite ambulation, hydration, and eating a high fiber diet. When drinking laxative tea, proper hydration should also be observed. It is best drunk before going to sleep and never on a full stomach.

When it comes to health promotion, the best way is always the natural way. With herbal laxative tea, you now have the best solution to constipation. There are a lot of herbal tea remedies that  you can enjoy anywhere that you can boil up some water so just take a read around the site to learn more.


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For centuries, herbal tea remedies have been used by various cultures all around the world. Before the birth of modern medicine, herbal teas have been used to cure illnesses and protect from diseases. For every country and every culture, there are recognized herbal teas. For every herbal tea, there are various remedies that you can get.
Unlike green and black tea which are considered as true teas (coming from the tea plant, camella sinensis), herbal teas are beverages made from known herbal plants. It is made by steeping plant parts such as seeds, roots, flowers, and leaves in hot water or boiling water. In some, plant parts are processed first before steeping.
Among the common herbal teas are ginger, lemon balm, ginseng, chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, fennel, and raspberry. Each has their own remedy to certain conditions.
Ginger tea is commonly used as a relief for sore throat and coughing. It is also used by pregnant women to relieve nausea during events of morning sickness.
Chamomile tea is used as a mild sedative, inducing sleep and relaxation. It is also used to relieve stomach cramps and ease symptoms of the common colds.


  • Lemon balm tea is used to lift up the mood and relaxes the nerves. It has a refreshing scent that soothes the senses.
  • Ginseng tea is famous in Southeast Asian countries such as China and is used as an energy booster. It is also a known immune system enhancer.
  • Raspberry tea is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It improves uterine tone and induces labor in pregnant women.
  • Fennel tea is used to relieve an upset stomach and stomach cramps. It is also used to relieve coughing and sore throat.
  • Peppermint tea is known as an effective relief for fever. It gives the body a cooling effect as it induces sweating.
  • Hibiscus tea is a good source of antioxidants. It is also a good immune system booster. If you want to know more about this tea and drinking hibiscus during pregnancy just read at that link.
  • Who needs a lot of pills when you have herbal teas? These natural teas do not only give you benefits for your health, it also gives you an overall feeling of well-being.
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Health benefits of Yerba Mate

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Looking for another cup of tea? Try yerba mate! Yerba mate tea has benefits for our mind and body. For centuries, yerba mate has been drunk in South America for its medicinal purposes and social sentiment. At present, yerba mate is sold in many countries in other parts of the world due to its healing wonders and health benefits. Just keep reading and you will find out the truth and if is yerba mate healthy!

Yerba mate tea is prepared by brewing or steeping the dried leaves (and sometimes twigs) of the ilex paraguariensis plant. In South America, yerba mate is traditionally steeped in a gourd and is drunk using a bombilla (a metal straw which filters the leaves as we drink).
You might have tried drinking caffeinated drinks to keep you alert. However, most of these caffeinated beverages can also give you unwanted side effects such as insomnia, headaches, and stomach unpleasantness. Yerba mate is unique in that it can give you the same alertness level, mental clarity, focus, memory retention and recall, without unwanted side effects. Drinkers claim that when they need to stay awake, they can. But if they need to sleep, they can easily doze off too.
Theobromine is a chemical that has a vasodilating effect on our vessels. Yerba mate contains theobromine. While yerba mate also contains caffeine, which is a vasoconstrictor, the theobroine content in it balances its ability to constrict the vessels. Thus, drinking yerba mate enhances blood flow. It can help lower blood pressure in hypertensive individuals and prevents the formation of fat and cholesterol buildup in our system. Also, it helps prevent strokes and heart attacks by reducing blood clot formation.
Many proponents of yerba mate say that it is considered as a liquid vegetable. This is supported by the fact that yerba mate contains vitamins and minerals. It has vitamins A, C, E and B complex. It also has calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. These vitamins and minerals are those that can also be found in your multivitamins plus minerals supplement. Yerba mate can protect your body from certain diseases and boosts your immune system.
The benefits of yerba mate tea are being continuously studied. This is done to discover more about its properties and to maximize its potential as a health drink. With its unique properties and health benefits, surely, this drink is not just your ordinary cup of tea. If you want to get all the benefits from Yerba Mate but don’t feel like drinking it all you can just access the extract as yerba mate extract good anyway you can get it!

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Things to remember when making tea!

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Most important things to think about when making tea!
1. What type of tea do you feel like right now?
2. What is the temperature that I should get the water up to?
3. How clean is the water and equipment I am using to make the tea?
4. How long should I let it steep?
5. Has there been enough water circulation when making the tea?
6. Do I have to share?
7. Where did all the tea go?
8. Where can I get more tea

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Raspberry Tea

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The famous “Woman’s Herb”, Rubusidaeusa ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drupa_rubusidaeus ) relative of the beautiful roses, a raspberry is known for its wide range of benefits especially to women. Everything about the raspberry is important even its leaves, roots, and bark, though commonly unknown these parts are rich in vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack.
This tea is rich in iron, calcium, pectin, citric acid, malic acid, potassium, tartaric acid, citrate, chloride, phosphate,fragrine.Raspberry tea is anti-abortient, anti-gonorreal, anti-malarial, a fructose and has vitamins such as A, C, and E, acts as an antibacterial and a astringent as well that helps clean our system, parturient, tonic,haemostatic, anti-septic, and anti-leucorrhoea.

One tinny fruit but provides big benefits. Raspberry tea is perfectly healthy for pregnant women in fact it helps tone and strengthens women’s tissues that also helps during haemorrhage when labouring.It strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles which some midwives say leads to shorter and easier labours. Raspberry tea does not contain caffeine like other teas such as strong or brewed coffee and black tea, raspberry helps increase and enrich the mother’s milk, and prevents miscarriage.

Raspberry tea strengthens women with menstruation flow, prevent the over-abundant period, raspberry tea also eases painful menstruation cycle. The raspberry leaf herb is best for women at menopause, exhausted adrenals are signs of menopausal period any uterine cramping, mood swings, and hot flashes, and men with exhausted adrenals are advised to drink as well. Raspberries promote fertility in women and men, increase milk in women, reliable remedy for sore throat, thrush, dysentery, cold, fever, diarrhea and canker sores. Still very rich in antioxidants, the raspberry/raspberry tea is most beneficial drink for women in all ages in their stages of life.

Raspberry tea can also be serve hot or iced cold and may add flavours that are up to you whether they be herbs, spices and also other fruits it very easy to make and delicious. I will share one recipe for you to try and taste and see the goodness of raspberry tea in and out our body.
Raspberry Rosehip Iced Tea
What you need are:
I. 1/4 cup rose petals (dried)
II. 1/2 cup raisin
III. 1/2 cup raspberry (leavesdried)
IV. 1 1/2 cups raspberry /cherry juice
V. 1/3 cup orange juice(fresh)
VI. 4 orange slices (optional for garnish)

How To:
First you will have to,
In a casserolebring to boil 1.06465 L of water. Put the roses and raisins. Partly conceal the casserole, gradually lessen heat, and thenseethe for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, add the raspberry leaves, conceal the pot, and let sit for 10 minutes.
While waiting, you may start placing a large strainer lined with cheesecloth over another pot strain tea.Extract all the liquid and flavour by pressing the herbs against the strainer. Put raspberry and orange juices and stir to mix well. Allow the brew to cool completely for about 45 minutes. Fill glasses with ice. Dispense tea over ice and thenrelish each with a slice of orange, serve.
There you have it another refreshing and yummy drink for you, friends, and your family to enjoy…

Simple tea is not only good for you it alone has many benefits but add more to it is also good, not only does the tea have benefits for you but also the things you put in your tea is important.

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Why is rooibos good for you?

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Why is rooibos good for you?

If you are pregnant and is craving for a delicious tea but can’t do so because you’re afraid that it might cause negative effects during your pregnancy? Then worry no more because rooibos tea is now available in the market. You might think that it’s the same as the other teas that has high level of caffeine, but no it don’t. Rooibos tea is completely safe to drink during pregnancy since it caffeine free and at the same time contains a lot of health benefits. If you don’t know what is rooibos then don’t worry as we have all the info on why it is a great drink for everyone.

Rooibos tea is known as popular beverage as well as an effective medical remedy in South Africa. Rooibos benefits are extraordinary, even pregnant women, babies, and anyone who are under medication can safely drink it. Although the maximum amount of dosage to consume of rooibos tea is still unknown, still it is clinically proven that it has a lot of benefits and does not have any bad effects for pregnant women. To make things clearer, here are some of the most popular rooibos benefits.

helps You To Absorb Iron

For sure you know that most teas such as black teas normally prevent you from absorbing iron due to its high level of tannin. However, rooibos tea has far lesser level of tannin compared to other teas. This is why drinking rooibos tea still allows you to absorb iron effectively. This is just one of the many rooibos health benefits that you will receive by drinking this fantastic brew.

Rooibos Contains Numerous Antioxidants

As well all know, antioxidants are very helpful on maintaining our body in good condition. Now, rooibos tea contains numerous types of powerful antioxidant such as aspalathin and nothofagin. Study shows that rooibos tea have high concentration of these two powerful antioxidants which mainly works on fighting free radicals in your body as well as anti-inflammatory properties which is very effective on preventing heart disease. This is why it is even ok to for you to mix rooibos and pregnancy as the health benefits can be passed along to your growing baby.

Rooibos Contains Helpful Minerals

Another one of rooibos benefits is its multiple minerals that are very helpful or rather important for your body. These minerals include magnesium, iron, calcium and manganese, and zinc. Magnesium is known for its good effect in your nervous system while iron mainly works on helping your blood and muscles on distributing oxygen. Calcium and manganese on the other hand is very essential in order to have a strong bones and teeth, while zinc is known for its good effect in your metabolism. You can obtain all these benefits by just drinking few cups of rooibos tea every day.

Rooibos Helps You Relax And Have Peace Of Mind

Overall, rooibos tea is very helpful on giving you not just health but also lively lifestyle. Since it is caffeine free you can consume it as often as you like. It is also believed that by drinking this tea you can get rid of insomnia. Since it contains high percentage of healthy minerals, it can help you relax and have peace of mind.

Whether you are pregnant or are currently under medication, drinking rooibos tea will still benefit you a lot without getting any negative effects. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of rooibos tea now and start gaining all its extraordinary benefits.

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Happy New year to everyone!

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Just wanted to put a quick post up about the new year, and the old year.

Over the past year we have launched the website, started the company, and actually had some customers so thank you to everyone who has been there for us from the beginning, or if you are just joining us now! It has really been a year of learning and experiences that I will continue to grow on.

Over the past year we have expanded out tea lines and are continuing to work on new and unique products that will excite customers as well as provide a great value for everyone.
With this in mind we are still looking at our tea of the month club to be launched within the next week and hoping that this will get more people into enjoying the teas that we have to offer, as well as providing a bit of a spin on the usual tea delivery and ordering system.
Thank you again to everyone who has helped out with the Teacupany and we look forward to a great year with yout.

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green tea good

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green tea good

Green tea is good, and good for you. Almost everyone knows that, but if you don’t just take a read and see for yourself 🙂

I am sure we have all heard it by now, or at least in one version or another, that green tea is good or good for you or good something. Although all these statements are true there is generally not that much provided to back them up other than I think I heard somewhere that, or someone told me that green tea is good. If you want to keep reading you will find out why I think green tea is good as well as a link to a way to make a perfect cup of green tea every time and finally….. Our favorite green teas!

So you are wondering why green tea is good, and good for you. The first thing is that green tea is good for you for a great number of reasons such as:

  1. It comes from the earth, so depending on what your definition is green tea is generally looked upon as natural.
  2. There is no sugar in green tea itself.
  3. It tastes great.
  4. It smells great.
  5. It can be used for other things besides just drinking.
  6. It provides a little boost of caffeine, but not as much as other types of teas.
  7. It blends well with other teas.
  8. It is relaxing.
  9. It can sooth the soul.
  10. It makes me smile

So there are some of my personal reasons why I think green tea is good, and as mentioned before just information provided without any direct medical links or substantial information to back them up 🙂  There are so many green tea health benefits that the list could go on for a really long time.

The next thing that I will want to point out to you is this article: as it will show you how to brew perfect green tea every time. Although everyone generally knows how to make tea, there are subtle things that are different between the different processed types of tea and knowing these differences can make you change from someone who likes tea to someone who loves tea.

Make sure to take a look around to get the best best green tea prices around as we are sure that our price is far too low for the quality of tea, but that is what we are here for!


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holiday tea

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holiday tea

With this holiday season coming around everyone wants to switch up their everyday brew to something new and festive. For this reason we have picked out candy cane tea as our favorite holiday tea this season. It does not matter which holiday you are celebrating we have found that everyone really enjoys this tea as the minty flavor lent from the traditional candy cane just soothes the palate.

You can see in the picture the tea has a nice solid black base, and is then infused with the wonderful flavors of candy cane. Also included in this mix are pieces of candy cane. These little pieces will melt nicely into a warm cup of tea and really provide a smooth and tasty drink from beginning to end of the cup.

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Rooibos info

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Rooibos info

What is Rooibos and why should I even think about it when I think of what my next cuppa tea is going to be? If you have, or maybe if you haven’t had that thought before, then don’t worry as you are not alone. Rooibos is making a strong surge in popularity in the brewed drink arena and for good reason. Listed below are some cool facts about roobios, a bit of info about the drink itself and other things about this new bush making a lot of noise in the traditionally quieter mid day tea world.

The first thing that we will get right to the point about is the rooibos caffeine discussion as this is a very popular one that often comes up. I will say it right now that Rooibos does not have any caffeine in it. If you don’t believe me, then check the almighty Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos with the specific quote being “Rooibos is becoming more popular in Western countries, particularly among health-conscious consumers, due to its high level of antioxidants such as aspalathin and nothofagin, its lack of caffeine” This is why many women will turn to rooibos when they are pregnant. To find out more info about rooibos and pregnancy just take a look at these posts we have put up in the past:

So now that we have gotten that out of the way we can talk about why it is good that roobios does not have any caffeine in it. The first, and what I think is the best thing about roobios, is that you can have it at any time of the day or night. I love a strong black tea but sometimes just before bed it just doesn’t suite the situation very well. This is where roobios comes in to save the day as I can enjoy it an hour, 15 minutes, or 45 minutes before I want to go to bed without any worry of staying up once that caffeine boost kicks in.
Another reason that roobios has really started to gain traction in the rest of the world is due to its appeal to pregnant woman. I was unaware but during pregnancy caffeine intake is supposed to be on the lower side as complications can occur, so a lot of woman have been choosing roobios when they are pregnant.
So now that we know the coolest thing about roobios, and its lack of caffeine, let’s get some more info on the drink that comes from brewing up roobios. The drink is typically a nice red color, which is the result of processed roobios being steeped with hot water. Recently there has been new blends including green roobios, which like its green tea counterpart, is a less processed version of the plant. In this article we will focus on the red variant and maybe in the future talk about green roobios a bit more in depth.
The drink that is brewed up is a nice red color with a natural taste to it. I am not going to imply that it is a drink that tastes like dirt; however you will notice a distinct flavor that reminds me of a less processed black tea leaf. The flavor is rawer and more open, which is something that really doesn’t give a very good idea of how it tastes. I think that for you to get a full appreciation of roobios you must really try it for yourself. If you don’t you will never know what you are missing out on!
Overall roobios is a great addition to any tea collection, even though it is not a true tea itself. It is a great pre drink or iced option whenever you need to take a break from your usual favorites.

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Chai Masala

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Chai Masala

One tradition of the people in India is to serve their guests with tea or what they call “chai tea”. Indians refer to unexpected visitors as “emissaries of gods” so when visitors arrive, you have to serve them, especially chai. Chai is the well-known sweetened spice tea from India. It’s the perfect drink for Indians as well as people from the tropical parts of the globe. This is because hot tea triggers body’s cooling reflexes that helps bring the body temperature down so they can still work well despite the intense climate.

Indians love to drink chai mostly twice a day just like British people, the latter has been known to have foisted teas in India, from China to Britain, then from Britain to India and now the whole world, though in India about half the per cent of people are drinking coffee.

In Bombay, chai tea is popular to be very strong and lots of street vendors serve and sell chai made with a strong flavour. The standard is served half “cutting chai,” because it tends to be very powerful. If you are using whole spices, you should weigh out the right amount of the ingredients, place in spice grinder till comes to a consistency of fine powder, some people like to grind the spices individually but others grind them together and then stored in an air tight container and this mixture is called Masala. There are many ways to make chai, some start off by boiling all the ingredients in sequence, and others just stir the tea 3 times in clockwise direction or circles, some may also just put all the ingredients and let the mixture to come to a boil. When using loose leaf tea, it is needed to be strained now once fully brewed. Pour ingredients in the saucepan (if available the spouted type of sauce pan is the best choice to use because it will lessen the spilling of tea).  Turn on stove to medium heat.  Allow to simmer until bubbles (small) appear on the milk. Stir the chai continuously, while the milk is boiling scrape the bottom so there would not be any burnt mixture, filming as well, when the milk comes to boil, turn off the heat and stir.  Bring to boil again, stir well.  Allow the tea too steep for a few minutes, and then it must be strained.

Every household has different types of flavourings and preparation for chai, even in culinary cooking in India, every kitchen has special varieties to offer not on in tasty foods but also drinks and personalities. Chai Masala is very easy to prepare and you can choose what ingredient you would like to add or lessen depending on what you like best. So why not try and taste, you are encouraged to try even experiment on your own to come up on the perfect spicy flavour you like the most. This is a wonderful treat that will sooth your palette’s craving for something extraordinaire.

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Early year end review

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Well it has been a year and a bit for the teacupany to start selling tea online, but it has gone by so quickly. Recently we started looking at additional new products to come in and they are really starting to get pretty cool, not to toot my own horn or anything. Hoping to get some pictures up this weekend of the new strainers. I have always wanted to carry some unique products, which might not be unique to the world, but haven’t always been able to find exactly what I am looking for.

Well no more need to look around as I have got I think 3 or 4 new strainers that are pretty cool. These tea strainers will add a bit of excitement into anyone’s day so take a look at our cool tea strainers shortly!

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What is Gunpowder tea?

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What is Gunpowder tea?

Chinese gunpowder tea was first introduced to Taiwan in the 19th century; it was dated back to the Tang Dynasty. Gunpowder tea originates from China mostly Pingshui in the Zheijing Province. It is a form of Chinese green tea; its leaves are withered; steamed, rolled then it is to be dried. Today the method of rolling the leaves is by using a machine. But the highest grades are still rolled by hand. Rolling allows retaining the aroma and flavouring. The English name “Gunpowder Tea” is the fact that it resembles to grains of black powder. There are different types of Gunpowder tea, based on the types of leaves; Pingshui Gunpowder or Temple of Heaven Gunpowder, Formosa Gunpowder, and Ceylon Gunpowder and our Favorite green gunpowder tea Tangy gunpowder tea :

Tangy Gunpowder tea
There are many benefits Gunpowder tea can offer; it has many antioxidants that defend against free radicals and oxidative stress, it includes EGCG that fights free radicals thus prevent the growth of cancer cells.

  • Helps in the reduction of breast cancer.
  • Helps in cancer-preventative measures by building the preferred amount of polyphenols in the body through green tea and the antioxidants that green tea provides.
  • Helps in preventing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Helps in reduction of oesophageal cancer.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces the risk of coronary artery disease; It lowers the cholesterol triglyceride levels that not only prevent type II diabetes but improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensibility that helps control diabetes. Gunpowder tea will also prevent the clotting of blood. Gunpowder tea is very useful for ailments; digestive problems and indigestion.
To those whom want to lose a few pounds. Gunpowder tea will help you lose weight; it helps burn fat and builds muscles, because of the catechins, caffeine; and theanien present in Gunpowder tea. Because of catechins, flavonoids; and minerals present in Gunpowder tea, your metabolism will improve. It helps boost your metabolic rate assisting you to burn fat; a much better and healthier work out drink; Take Gunpowder tea while working out.
Rejuvenates the mind giving the energy you’re needed. Sit and relax take a cup, read a book be at peace. Enjoy life with a cup of Healthy.
A cup of tea would restore my normality.”― Douglas Adams
Gunpowder Tea has a big role in our body when used. Intake 2-3 cups every day. Your body will surely be guided. Live healthy, be healthy; take this every day; exercise! Eat healthy foods. Surely your body and mind will feel great! As noted before there are a lot of health benefits of green tea so drink lots and be happy and healthy!
Why not try organic? Why not start to have a more healthy heart, a healthy body? Try drinking Gunpowder tea every day and see the results!

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Tea of the month club canada

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Looking for a great way to try new teas every month? Tired of picking out which teas you want to try out, or just looking for a big change in the teas that you are drinking.

Take a look at our tea of the month club here: http://theteacupany.com/tea-of-the-month-club/tea-club-in-canada/

We are just about to launch the program so if you are reading this then you are early to the party and can order or share with your friends.

We are hoping to expand this program quickly and look forward to sending out lots of new teas for everyone to try.

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Health benefits of green tea

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green tea has been enjoyed for centuries, and continues to grow in the universal appreciation and consumption around the world. However, with the advancement of medical technologies we are starting to find out that Green Tea is actually really good tasting… and really good for your body. Keep on reading to find out more about what it is in Green Tea that is so good for you and your body.
The first thing that I have found out about green tea is that it has been shown to decrease swelling, and also assist with arthritic pain. The reason that this is a big deal is because the pain associated with arthritis is one of the most painful and annoying feelings that you can have. It hurts in your bones, your joints, and all over the affected areas with little relief for severe sufferers. If green tea is able to help even a little bit, then I would say it is worth trying out. Worst case scenario is that you do not find relief, but you find a great drink! There are many benefits of green tea in your body so just keep reading to find out even more of them!
One of the most recent things that have come out in the news is that green tea actually helps with your cholesterol levels. It does it on two different fronts, the first thing that it does is increase your HDL levels in your body. This is a good thing because this is the good type of cholesterol that your body actually needs. The next thing that it can do is lower the bad cholesterol in your body, which is sometimes the cause of cardiovascular disease. These two actions alone are good enough reasons to drink green tea, but we are not done there yet. If you are looking
The next thing that green tea has been shown to assist with is reducing the number of free radicals, and in turn the damage they cause in the body. Free radicals are things that you do not want in your body, and are generally hard to deal with as they are created and just float around your body and bloodstream. This is why they are hard to deal with, and if green tea is able to assist with this, then I would suggest trying it out. Drinking tea in this regard is a bit more a preventative measure as you will most likely not be able to say that by drinking 1 cup of green tea you removed 1 free radical, however you are able to say that by drinking green tea you might be reducing the possibility of your body being affected by free radicals. Again, not 100% conclusive, but really what do you have to lose?
If you are interested in getting some of the benefits from green tea, but find it hard to enjoy it on a daily basis then don’t worry as there are a couple of alternatives that can help you out. What you can do is supplement your intake with additional sources of green tea. One of the favorites of people are green tea extracts. These extracts can be combined with other things and offer the flavor of green tea to whatever they are used in. One example is green tea ice cream, who would’ve thought that it would be a good thing to eat ice cream! Another thing that you can use to supplement your green tea intake is to take capsules, like vitamins, with the extract inside. This makes it very easy to enjoy the benefits of green tea by just taking a pill.
One thing that you will want to take notice of is the fact that green tea contains caffeine. Many people find they are unable to interact with caffeine on a daily basis as sometimes it keeps people awake, can cause headaches, and other issues. If you are one of these people then there is nothing to worry about as decaffeinated teas are coming out that still contain all the health benefits of tea, but don’t contain any of the caffeine. This is really good as you have the luxury of enjoying these teas right before bed. If you are looking for an easy way to lower caffeine in green tea then just take a read of that article and it will give you some great tips how to quickly and easily drop the caffeine levels in your teas!
As mentioned above there are a lot of different things that it appears green tea can help with, so why not try it out. Green tea is a great tasting, and great for you, drink that will make you feel great. So what are you waiting for, go try some green tea today! A side note as well is that if you are looking for top quality loose leaf green tea for sale just check out our home page at theteacupany.com and click on the green tea category for the best prices on some healthy green tea!

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